Taking Pre-Orders For Second Batch Of Caanoo Plus Other News

I had it happen to me also had to uninstall everything and re-install it and made sure I registered my Caanoo then I had to redownload all the darn games and such. Big reason I hate DRM at times...
dingoodigital - just wanted to give a big thank you for not only programming my caanoo but I also received the protective case over the weekend. thanks for all yoru help, I'll be sure to order from you again.
If you still have a black/blue Caanoo in stock on the 20th, I'll be placing an order. I gotta wait for pay-day, but I would so very much prefer not importing this thing from overseas. No need for software installation, I'm actually planning on doing a lot of dev-work.

My first goal is to program a good port of NeoPop (or RACE! with the Wiz source if thats released) onto this thing so I can play all my wonderful NGPC games. Then play with the hardware and see what else needs to be ported (that won't make me pull my hair out.)