Release Opsu!

I still get the freezes that lock up the whole machine, mid game without anything special going on... No chance to look at any log as I have to hard reset.
I might have to delete the appdata folder and start over :(

Or could my swapfile be corrupted?
Good. Reminds me of when I had my SD with the swap on it acting up. The system froze entirely. It's been fine since then, though (but I don't store anything critical on it to be safe).
Java itself has been nice enough to let itself be killed even when spin-locking somewhere in my experience.

Regarding the overlooked second edit... well, it doesn't really matter. I've only got some minor changes in the pipeline right now. A few bits of overlooked animations still playing when animations are turned off and allowing fullscreen mode. Both don't make any significant difference, though. I'd really like to at least get rid of the stutter when entering the ranking screen, but I fear that may only be possible by removing the replay functionality (as an option if at all, of course).
But right now opsu is low priority for me (it's pretty usable now, so). I almost forgot I still had like my own game to code.
I've been tinkering a bit more, so here's a another patchset:
-Fixed some animations still playing when "Show Game animations" was disabled
-Fixed spinner element rendering order (suggested upstream)
-Disabled fullscreen capability check to allow using fullscreen mode
-Added "Pause Game on Framedrops during Song Start" option
-Added "Save Replays" option to allow disabling replay saving
-Added Start button as an alias for actions triggered by ESC

Fullscreen doesn't seem to make any difference framerate or latency-wise, but I left it in anyways.

I've raised an issue upstream for the spinner element order, but if I got that correctly, there's work being done on the spinner code to support V2 skins right now, so it probably won't just be straight fixed. It's important for the pandora optimized skin due to the lack of transparency in the textures there, so I included it right away.

Now here's where it gets interesting: The new "Pause Game on Framedrops during Song Start" option (disabled by default) will pause the game if the frame rate is below 80% of the target rate during song start. This helps a lot if the lead-in on the beatmap is short and you'd have a hard time hitting the notes otherwise.

The "Save Replays" option (enabled by default) is useful for more than just not cluttering your SD card with replays. It also gets rid of the stutter on the ranking screen and lets CC Pandoras get away with playing without swap. You still get a performance graph and your scores saved. So as long as you don't care about watching your playthroughs again, I recommend disabling this.

I've also added the Start button as an additional alias everywhere the ESC key is checked for convenience.

The diff file is for patching against the current git version and contains all previous changes, as usual.
No skin or runscript changes this time around.


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Ok, the PND is on the repo. It took a bit longer than expected because I wanted to use latest version of gl4es (you may have noticed I'm quieter in the forum, because I focus a lot on gl4es lately).
So along with the new options from @elvissteinjr patch, you have the latest version of gl4es. It seems faster to me (when compared to the version that was package with previous release). Also, you can now try the new ES2 backend. For that, create a file in appdata/opsu named ".es" (without the double quotes) and put inside simply the ES backend you want. So "2" for ES2 and "1" for ES1. The ES2 Backend emulate an OpenGL 2.0 hardware. It's not perfect, but a few things start to run fine. OpenGL 1.5 stuff also mostly works fine now too (but not all stuff are implemented yet, and some, or many, are still buggy). So for the adventurous, you can start to experiment.

build 11

  • New changes by elvissteinjr, with new options
  • Latest version of gl4es (seems faster)
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