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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Opsu!, an open source client for osu!


It's a rythme game, using Java and OpenGL/OpenAL.

You will need the java.pnd for it to run.

On first run, the songs you download will not get register. it will work after a restart of the game.

History log
build 11

  • New changes by elvissteinjr, with new options
  • Latest version of gl4es (seems faster)
build 10

  • Now using 192MB of memory (instead of 160MB)
  • Some additional engine changes from @elvissteinjr
build 09

  • Using 0.16.0 sources
  • lots of changes for Pandora from @elvissteinjr:
    • Fixed freezing on exit
    • Fixed restarting not working. Opsu! now writes a .opsu_restart file into appdata and the runscript starts the game again if it exists
    • Fixed out of memory exception on results screen on CC Pandoras
    • Fixed main menu buttons not responding to clicks
    • Reduced resolution of the results screen performance graph to 0.1x
    • Rewrote slider rendering to be a lot faster
    • Added the following options to allow balancing looks and performance better:
    • "Texture filter"
    • "Show/Hide Game animations"
    • "Show/Hide Healthbar"
    • "Show/Hide HUD"
    • Re-addded 60 fps frame-limit option
    • Added port authors to the about author string
    • Disabled listing of the follow options since they're unsupported:
    • "Disable Updates"
    • "Enable Videos"
    • "Experimental Sliders"
    • Removed alpha transparency on the options overlay

build 08

  • Updated to latest sources
build 07

  • Using 0.15.0 sources
  • Updated libs
  • Song database as changed, you will need to wipe it if upgrading
build 06

  • Fixed the slider not showing for good
build 05

  • Removed and inibited GL Shader code
build 04

  • Update sources (v0.12.1)
  • Update libs
build 03
  • Some texture downscaling on CC/Rebirth model
  • Extract Skins done by elvissteinjr for faster framerate
build 02
  • Fixed PND
build 01
  • Initial build
  • Forced 800x480 fullscreen
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Even if I don't have a Pandora, I love osu! Congrats ptitSeb!
At last, it's here. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't run for me.

** Uncaught Exception! **
at itdelatrisu.opsu.GameImage.setDefaultImage(
at itdelatrisu.opsu.GameImage.getImage(
at itdelatrisu.opsu.ui.Cursor.reset(
at itdelatrisu.opsu.Container.close_sub(
at itdelatrisu.opsu.Container.start(
at itdelatrisu.opsu.Opsu.main(

My own test back then went further than this, so not sure what broke. Wild guess would be a missing image or something, but the PND contents look fine and I tried redownloading already.
CC Pandora, default drivers.

​But still, thanks for your efforts!  :)
It worked for me, but with a swapfile on a gigahertz model.

The jar is specially built for the Pandora.

But maybe I am missing a dependency (some libpng version...) I'll try to check. (or it's just a memory issue and a swapfile should fix it)
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Swapfile doesn't help, but I'll try reflashing in meanwhile as I had some weirdness here and there in Code::Blocks (Games and such do work, though, so eh).
I'm not home and only have my gigahertz model with me, so my testing and debugging capabilities are limited.

If a swapfile of 512mo didn't fixed it, it may be a dependency... (you are running the latest firmware?)
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I was running the latest firmware, but the last full flash had been quite a while ago. Unfortunately, doing one didn't help either.

And no need to rush. I'm just trying to provide quick feedback. Take your time.  ^_^
It runs now, kinda. The big main menu button doesn't work, so I can't get into the song selection. Can't think of a good reason why, but it's not reacting to anything, be it clicking or the bit of scaling on hover that's supposed to happen.

The song downloader works I'd say. Searching works, but preview and download doesn't (times out with "Error"). However, my wifi is to blame here most likely. I get my beatmaps from my PC anyways so it doesn't matter to me.
My beatmaps get recognized and the songs play fine on the main menu, but as mentioned, I can't get further.

I don't understand. It worked for me, with a mouse, the nubs and the touchscreen.

Any relevant info in the logs?
Unfortunately, nothing relevant in either pndout or opsu.log. I know it's weird. The extracted .jar file works fine on my PC.
Would be nice if someone else could test this. I'll try to bug a friend with this as well.
Unfortunately, nothing relevant in either pndout or opsu.log. I know it's weird. The extracted .jar file works fine on my PC.

Would be nice if someone else could test this. I'll try to bug a friend with this as well.
I take it ptitseb has java bundled into the PND? or is it using the java PND? if the latter are you using openJDK? or oracle java? my guess the oracle version of java would be better.
I used the Java PND, and I use an (updated) Oracle JDK for my tests. Maybe I should pack the jdk inside the PND?
are you using openJDK? or oracle java?
I'm using oracle JDK. If this really needs an updated version of the jdk, maybe bundling would be nice indeed. 
Updating the Java PND itself would be neat too, but you're not the maintainer so someone has to bug WizardStan for that I guess.
I tried this, works very nicely, but fps is capped at 20. I changed it to 30 and it seems fine. (It didn't like 60fps)
Yes, I have put 20, 30 and 60 fps (instead of 60, 120 and 240 that don't seem reasonable on the Pandora).

Thanks for testing and confirming it work not only on my Pandora :)
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Okay then, let's do it the other way around: What could I have possibly done wrong?
I'm on a pretty freshly reflashed CC Pandora and any other PND appears to work like it should. 1 GB swap, Oracle JDK (openjdk just crashes btw).
Doesn't seem to be specific to your version of the .jar though.

A quick look at the source code didn't really help. I found the menu button code and such, but nothing really stands out there compared to the other buttons which all work. I'm not a java coder, though.
If nothing else come up, could you maybe hack in an alternative way to enter the song selection, like a key press?

It's shame since I actually really wanted to play this on my Pandora.
Okay, so basically, it seems to work... but I haven't found out yet how to download any beatpacks.

It shows me a huge list with titles... and then?