Meet us at the Replay Expo in Blackpool! (2011-10-26)

Does Evil Dragon still has use/need for an HDTV, HDMI cable and a Western Digital HDTV unit for his presentation in the afternoon? (As that seems an unresolved point in the threads about this event).

In which case, send me a PM and feel free to have a forum member that's attending on Sunday, pick it up early from Heaton Moor, or the Stockport area of Manchester later on, on their way through to Replays second day. Hopefully in time for your talk.

What the! I live in Stockport.. Seem to be quite a few of us on here with Pandoras and from Stockport.
We spoke on the other forum before mvickers03, so there's possibly less Stockport Pandorians than you think, though it did turn out we both got ones from the first 100 :)

Sadly I'd had no net connection all week and so my offer of TV and equipment was really late and of no use to ED by that time. I was also gutted to not attend (much to the relief of everyone I'm sure), as I'd planned a proper Pandora shaped jaffacake for starters but was just too skint at the moment. Looks like a great time was had by all though and its a great video Craigix has woven together.

What was the reception to the iCP like?