Pandora at Play Expo 2012 (Replay) - Let's meet again


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Aug 30, 2010
Last years replay expo was great fun & the general sentiment of those who made the trip seemed to be 'let's do it again next year'.

The event has changed name, moved venue & changed the dates.

Here are the details for Play Expo 2012 :

Dates : 13th - 14th October 2012

Location : Event City, Manchester

Official Website

Official details are pretty sparse at the moment but a perusal of last years replay website should give some idea of the sort of things on offer.

It would be great to see a retail presence for Pandora & ICP this year as well as another meet up for Pandora users.

Who's up for it?
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Possibly, will have to check my calendar when I get home
Do you guys want this stickied now, as with last year's thread, or is it a bit too early for that, yet?
Why must it be up t'north all the blummin' time? Have it down here so that we Southerners don't have to invest in lead shielded hazmat suits to wade into the greasy chippy fog and learn a new language to communicate with the local beings.
Anyhow, to me Manchester is taking liberties a bit when they claim they are in the North.

The north of London maybe.
since it's only down the road i may well pop in too

10 Minutes for me :p or 25 minutes walking :D

I'll see a bit nearer the time but I should be able to offer a couple of rooms for any weary travellers and a sofa in the cellar for any dungeon dwelling types :ph34r:
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I'd better buy a shellsuit and some spherical sunglasses if I'm planning on coming this year, practice my manc "IS THIS WHERE THE FOOKIN' RE-FOOKIN-PLEEE-AY RETRO FOOKIN' KNOB 'ED EVENT IS, YEEE-EW FOOKIN' TEEEEE-WAT?"
I'm sure as it gets closer more people will.

There was a decent crowd last year so maybe we can make it even more since it's in a bit more of a central place?

I'm thinking of coming in top hat and tails and saying I've come in costume as Jet Set Willy.
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