Pandora at Play Expo 2012 (Replay) - Let's meet again

I should have some funds by then to be able to attend this one, very much doubt I will have my Pandora by then though, that's only 2 months away :)
Well i'll buy my tickets closer to the time then, when we know what day/days people will attend. I want to see Tv out in action if possible?
I'll be going with my brother and girlfriend, which day would you suggest getting tickets?, Saturday or Sunday?.

Will the Pandora team be there both days or just one?
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We've been the last 2 times so may go but it's a bit too early to say, last time we only decided the week before & bought tickets on the door.

It would be nice to try some emulators on a 1ghz unit for a speed comparison.

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I shall be in attendance again this year, for both days this time. Are we still using the name tags donated by Mr_Loon last time? Coz I've still got mine :)
I might go this year just to visit Manchester and be able to form a scathing review of the local area and inhabitants, let's face it, it can't be any worse than Blackpool... Unless it is. Do they also call wads of beige and dark green cludge "food"?