Way to go! (2011 - 10 - 19)

With Craig's latest tweet, does that include the previous 50 from last time or a whole new batch with the current 50 that is enroute?
please keep us informed for every "minibatch" shipped.

i want to see what is their new rate, and if they are really back to the production.
Oh wow. Feels like the winter of 2008 was only yesterday. Doesn't time fly?
It's only crappy if it fails. If it doesn't fail, you won't know the difference. If it does fail you simply send an email for an RMA and get it fixed/replaced. Worst case you have to wait another two months, but we should all be used to waiting by now.
I did say "possibly crap" as it seems there is potential. It was said/typed with ruefullness and not critisism, it's just not easy to convey in a post.

Stan what you say is true but to then have to RMA it, would be the final icing on a rather sad cake. :rolleyes:
Do lead them on for a potential multiple parts production scheme, only right. I guess for further agreements they could be trusted to show up with the invoice after they produce something.
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Oddly CC now seem to be back in production...

any news, since your post?

do they show other signs that confirm they are back in production, or was it only ponctual?
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