(re)Play Expo 13th/14th October 2012 Manchester UK


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May 18, 2009
Rotherham, UK
Ok Guys, its that time of the year again, re-play or play expo as its now called is happening soon: 13th/14th October at EventCity in manchester:




Last year was great fun the expo was amazing and also a few of us met up at replay including Me, Mrs Milkshake, Craigx, Mrs Craigx, EvilDragon, PokeParadox, pmprog, mrloon, miner49er, Ian J, Mrs Ian J, My friend Brett (RetroSprites, MONOW, Maddis, Steg where are these guys these days?) and a few others I can't think of right now.

Here are a couple of links to posts with photo's/vid's from last year:

Also some of us met up at a pup afterwards which also brilliant those that attended (from memory) Craigx + Mrs Craigx, EvilDragon, Mr Loon, miner49er + son, Me + Mrs Milkshake and finally my friend Brett.

I would love it if we could all do this again but with more community folk if possible.

What I would like to try and find out is if EvilDragon and Craigx are attending and also have they booked hotels yet? if so which hotels? as It would probably be better if we all got the same hotel or ones close by so the meet up afterwards (assuming there should be one) will go much smoother.
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Oh man i'd love to come.. Sucks i'm in Aus though and I haven't got much leave yet :(
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Jane's not bothered as we have been 2 years in a row & it was the same stuff.

Have to agree it was very same apart from the Pandora.

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Would anyone be prepared to give me a lift if I did go... I still want to go... xD
if im deffinately going then i could give u a lift assuing u still live in tarn?

if i do go ill be going up on friday evening so i dont have to mess traveling on the day though.
What day are people thinking of going, if it's anything like the last one, I probably won't do both days (Not that there was anything particularly bad about the Blackpool one, just the 2nd day wasn't really any different from the first)
Would anyone be prepared to give me a lift if I did go... I still want to go... xD

If I can get Jane to change her mind we'll definitely give you a lift.

Problem is she wants to go to the Wales Comic-Con so that may take priority.

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we have been 2 years in a row & it was the same stuff.

Oddly enough that's the reason I'll be going this year :) Free to play Pinball & Classic arcade games, what's not to like?
Myself and the _very_little_interest_in_games_at_all_ missus will be going, I got us weekend tickets for this, she's never been Manchester so will be interested in seeing the city a bit in the evening.

Not sorted a hotel yet though.

Will be up for joining you guys for a pint too somewhere.

Really looking forward to actually setting my real life eyes on a real life Pandora too, and the new prototype from Craig, please do bring one
@ Craig & ED : From previous posts I'm guessing that you guys will be getting involved with Replay this year, just wondering in what capacity that involvement will be? i.e. Will you be selling Pandoras? Will you be demoing Pandoras, like last year? Will you need any help from community members?

@ Any passing Mods : Can we have a sticky for this thread as we've only got a month or so to go.