Many little steps

Coincidentally, "many little steps" are also what the volume will have on the Pyra, if the ADC based volume circuit is used!
Thanks for the update.
Gradients look great, you could do tons of things with that.
Yeah LED's are fun. I play with some on a little Raspberry Pi at the moment. Would be interesting to see what i can do with those 2.
Modding possibility: putting a piece of white material under the logo, between both symmetric halves, to light each part apart.

logo4.jpg logo3.jpg

Not sure if LEDs would light entirely their part of the logo though ...

Too late to put the LEDs in the 'corners' of the 'ellipse' hole in the display board I guess.

Cutting the logo down the line you have and placing a light barrier (like thin black paper) then gluing back together would work better i'd think. The logo is side lit not lit from underneath, correct me if im wrong.
It'd probably work better if the mod also put white paper behind that hole in the display PCB. Otherwise a certain percentage of coloured light will bounce off the transparent plastic, off the back of the LCD, and then through the other side, lighting up the far end of the opposite letter in the wrong colour. To keep all light from the wrong side, the two barrier papers would need to connect, otherwise some light will bounce between the gap.