Holidays are over!


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Mar 4, 2003
August is over, Nikolaus is back home, the FormAction team has reopened the doors and already continued to make the final tweaks to the Pyra case.

The keymat designer also was on holidays and is back as well, so work in all areas have resumed.

Nikolaus already made the needed change to the CPU PCB design (which should fix our 1,5GHz issue) and it's now back in production.

I received a new touchscreen for the Pyra which doesn't have ANY issues with grainy colors, but I've yet to test how well the touchscreen itself works (as it's the same material as the latest Pandora touchscreens it should work very well :))

I still haven't catched up with everything (GamesCom always eats a lot of my time), but I've started assembling the units for developers so that the OS will move forward and I'll be able to start showing you the OS, games, etc.

But even though I don't have any fancy games or emulators-video for you, I've got a boring one which might still be interesting for some of you:
As the Pyra is almost complete I thought I could show you how it will be assembled and what we improved compared to the Pandora case.

You can find the video here:

It's a pretty long video, but some of you might be interested in it.
I'll continue to assemble Pyras now, so that the devs shall get them soon :)
Have there been any developments regarding case colour?

It'll be great to see the developer units start shipping - and it might result in a few more preorders, too!
what an awesome machine!

"It's a pretty long video, but some of you might be interested in it."

great video, almost as good as seeing it run..... braiiiins surgery........
Yes! I've been waiting for a chance to see the light bleeding in the transparent case to make up my mind about the color and I like it a lot!

...and improvements for making it easier to open the device - you won't see those in anything Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Samsung or GPD will make.
thinking about it, I wonder if that hard rubber d-pad plays as good as it looks...
How to remove the upper part of the nubs ? Turning them the other way ?
Thanks Ed! It's really nice to see the Pyra developing. I think many of us pre-ordered because of this unique attention to detail, like a small scale sports car designer making a few cars by hand. :) It is really nice for us to see the progress! I think the see-through design is the one for me! (If available)
I have to admit... Not sure for how much longer I can contain all of this hype and excitement~ ;w;
Quite right. So amazing to see it slowly crawl towards a final version, improving every step along the way.
WOW, the bleeding through of the light wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would have been with the clear case. I'm definitely more interested in a clear case option now as well.

Sadly, the closer we get to the finish line, the more fine details that need to be addressed will take longer, but the Pyra is really looking great and very well thought out. Kudos to ED & his excellent team.