Last known issue fixed

Well, my laptop takes about 4 seconds to cold boot minus the grub countdown. Standards are higher now :p
Is that including or excluding POST time? Because I got a system down to about ten seconds to cold boot Windows, minus POST.
It was 30 seconds! Even if that was all actual boot time and not several seconds of delay, 30 seconds is an excellent boot time. Why are people complaining?
Well indeed it is, but considering it's flash memory, people expect it to be almost as fast as SSDs, don't they ? I'm pretty sure that with a little optimization and depending on the eMMC or μSD, we'd get sub-20 boot time.
It's pretty much 10 seconds, When the LEDs near the power button turns blue is a good indicator when booting has just started. edit: well 14 Seconds after re-watching.

Just to note, I don't think aTc is booting off the eMMC yet, that is supposed to be faster than an SD card.
Should I have mentioned "from button press to desktop" ? 'Cause that's what I meant and probably what your average Joe wants to know.
Well the average joe would most likely get a distorted view of how long it takes because of the u-boot menu with a delay counter. It's not really booting until that delay counter finishes or someone hits enter to select the current boot menu option in the serial console.
One Question: These Bare PCBs that are awaiting around 20.October, are these all 1000 for the First Batch, ??
Are they for the CPU or the Mainboard, or for booth??

I think when 30 Devs and Prototyph Preeorderers got theyr Prototyph, theyre Videos and pictures might boost the Preeorders of the Normal Unit..
It should be easy to disable the countdown timer, or set it to a lower value (1 or 2 seconds) for the production devices. So booting will be 7-8 seconds faster than in the video.
Heres a video recently uploaded that might be of interest.
it's someone testing how many tabs they can load on the OMAP5. I assume the version he is using has 2 gigs of RAM not 4.
Yes, that's a new video by TrashyMG judging by the login name, and yes, according to htop is has 19xx MiB of RAM which sounds about right for 2GB. I wonder if that was network overload or CPU limitations causing that video to stutter at the end - I guess the former, since while htop's updates were getting choppier at least from 10 minutes into that video, they were still updating regularly while that video was frozen waiting for data.
Quite excited about the Pyra right now - really looking forward to setting up the apps,software and emus. Shmups on the go sounds good to me. and maybe some writing, Internet and more. I've gone retro in the last few years - its shmups, DC games and new amiga indie games that get me excited now. Hmmm... I seem to be getting old... damn- it had to happen one day - still iv'e got my boyish good looks intact and um apparently my vanity too...
Nah, probably before the end of 2015, or maybe the first half of this year if things get delayed. ;)