I'm out of ideas for news-titles

What happened? Since you managed to convince me to get one of those at Gamescom and I actually did, I'm kind of worried now. Didn't just stop working out of nowhere, right?

Naah, typical problem of modern days smartphones:
It fell on the ground and the display broke. That's the reason I hate that these get thinner and thinner each month, they're a lot less robust.
Replaced the screen and got a carry case now, already fixed.
And it kinda defeats them getting thinner when you need to put a case on them. This is another reason why I prefer the other options. If the Ara hadn't been cancelled, and I think most of us that were interested in it had a feeling it would never happen, broken screens wouldn't have been a major problem. I know the Pyra isn't intended to be a smartphone, but if it works, and we break the screen, at least it should be super easy to replace.
Droid4 with sailfish OS is great. TheKit has compiled a kernel with Ctrl + Alt keys mapped (though alt isn't working for me now).

Freenode IRC or TMO.. You know where to go
@TDT Yes, I activate standby by shortly pressing the power-button.
But just for periods of 15-30 minutes or short transports, since the Win needs a long time to boot (especially after login to load the user related stuff).
By the side:
I really like the Win and recommend it as a gaming device at the very cheap price point and from your description of how to handle the updates and your use-case I also recommend it to you.
I use it a lot in bed, when the kid is sleeping, with a headset to surf YouTube or play some Steam games.

Thanks for the feedback on that. I just got mine on Saturday, and it seems quite solid. The one thing I found, at least with mine, that I don't like is the hinge. For some reason, the screen seems to flicker when I move the display around. It's had a few issues with the sleep/wake up phase too, but overall pretty mild. I think the major thing for me is the hinge. Part of me thinks there's a bit of a loose cable, and I wouldn't mind pulling it apart to see if I can fix it. Trying to find out if other people with the most recent release have this same issue or not.

Why would anyone take these assertions seriously when you haven't given any reasons to back your claims?

Particularly when coming on the heels of thoughtful debate about advantages/disadvantages of aiming for 2 vs 4 GB at this point.

"Is important TO ME" i would have had no issue with.

"A V8 engine is important." "Cheeseburgers are important." "Well-groomed dachsunds are important." "Ph-balanced shampoo is important."

Honestly, I fully expect the reader to be intelligent enough to realize a subjective statement, and take it as such. If you want to bust my balls because I didn't say "Me" then go ahead.

In terms of actual reasons why it's important (for me, if you really need that):
1) Most graphically intensive apps take a lot of memory at this point. For apps that take more memory than is available, it hits swap. I don't want to hit swap.
2) While my primary use case for the device is gaming, that's not my only intent. Having the ability to launch a web browser, do some .NET development (in .net core), and the like would also be nice. To put that in perspective, my virtual machine I use for development is roughly 8Gb of memory. I have 16Gb on my laptop *because* that's the minimum that works for me if I'm really going to use a device for more than one purpose.
3) For speed - emulation of higher end consoles, running really anything that's not io bound, and so on benefit from speed increases.

My cell phone has 3 Gb of ram on that, and that's running android. My GPD Win has 4Gb of ram, and that seems to be about enough (for me).

My point of view regarding this is if we have a device released that's 1/2 in terms of spec, and 1.5-2x more expensive than the competition - then that's bad, for anyone. It needs to match at least somewhat closely, to what the competition has. Heck, the GPD mini laptop thing (forget the name of it) just came out within 2 months ago, and that has 8Gb of ram in it. I'm speaking from this point of view as a consumer, not one into brand loyalty. As I said, I'd probably still end up buying one in the end, but I'm taking my personal feeling aside and looking at it logically.