Moving along

So, the 4GB is supposedly fixed. Other issues were the cases, the software and what else?

Did those case samples ever arrive?
Why do I suspect there were delays? Hopefully they will be good so the ball can get rolling. Is there any reason to hold back the first batch if the software isn't polished? My guess is that most of those that pre-ordered early expect it to be rough at first.
Give us an update god damn it.
How are you expecting from us to not losing any faith, when you tease us and go undercover for a month.

It is already JUNE of 2018, half of this year is GONE.
ED us on holiday, he's having a break! I don't know if he's had a single one since work on the Pyra started! So please let him have some much needed rest!
I thought that was last week. Hopefully you are right and he added a second week.
Not sure why people feel entitled and whine about the pace of progress when it's been made clear multiple times that this is a (small) risk, it would take awhile, and it does have a chance of outright failing. If you don't want to take the risk, simply wait until the device is done and publicly available before you throw your money down; otherwise, get in line and wait like the rest of us.

Simple, no?
I don't think 5 years is that long considering that when this is complete, it will be the best device on the market with all the bells and whistles.

The CPU will be outdated but that can be upgraded easily without having to produce a whole nother device.
I'm very pessimistic in that regard. I don't expect a cpu upgrade at anytime. Just thinking how hard was to get the omap5. We must assume that whatever we get if we get anything will be outdated and will have a ton of problems due to propietary drivers half done.