Finding a proper name and logo :)

...and Myriad is a great name, but others have noticed that too. There's at least one IT consultancy company by that name, a couple historic computer projects, and several clustering / parallel processing systems. I don't think anything taken plainly from classic mythology will work - those need at least some tweaking or a combination with a second word.
OK, there are a lot names mentioned and it's hard to beat dragonbox googlewise. After reading EDs briefing


came to my mind. Here are my thoughts in a more or less chronolgical order:

- there is a certain character association to the pandora

- only 1k+ google hits

- the word is formed from panda dolphin (a "niche" animal for "niche" product)

- short and easy

- another black&white animal, so there's some kind of connection to TUX

- ok, pandas and dolphins itself are a bit... worn out

- BUT they're perfect to create an iconic logo: a pandas eye combined with the dolphin's dorsal fin (got it?)

- as some of you want more complex/subtle things you also can write it like pandaephin (like in pandaemonium)

- altough I think it's too much there is a .ae top-level domain (which should perfectly fit to

maybe this is complete crap. I have a sketch here about some logo ideas.

But I can't upload attachments here for some reasons. Any idea?
I mentioned these in the other thread -

Opan2 or Opantoo - It's like Open (as in Open source etc.). Contains Pan from Pandora and it's pretty much "open to" anything. And Opantoo has absolutely no other meaning on Google.

YooCan - Whatever you want to do, you can!


Gorgon :D



mythological names are perfect.. imho


Hikari [lighting bolt in jap]
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Aeon has been done to death, it could potentially get very confused.

And my first thought on "Medusa" and "Gorgon" was "do we really want to be associated with something that negative?" and then I remembered what Pandora did :p
In most stories, dragons tend to be male. And as a shape, a box feels male (sturdy, strong edges, kind of the opposite of round feminine curves).
Indeed, and if I read dragonbox my internal voice automatically uses the voice of Don LaFontaine. Not sure why it happens, but it does.
Aeon = Bad name.

In Castlevania there's an Aeon as well.

Larva: Evil Spirit (Latin)

Lamia: Witch that eats children

Draco  = Dragon (Lat)


Capsus = Box for wild animals (Lat)



(Did you know if you google "Askarus" my Pandora profile is the first search result :) )
Somehow I'd still like something in strong contrast to all the American and Asian gadgets.

Wodan  / Wotan / Odin appeared on these boards a while ago

as well as Hugin, Munin, Walküre/Valkyrie (used too often, I know), Fenrir, etc..

What about Heimdall / Heimdallr?

Or Bifröst / Bifrost,

the rainbow bridge to Asgard/heaven. :D

Or a mix like Beobox

(Beowulf anyone?

It's written by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet and he has slain Craig Grendel).

The German term for a dragon is Drache or "Lindwurm" btw.

but I cannot imagine a good mix with these now.
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Is it already time for a poll? :)

I will vote for

Dracabox - only 9 hits in google!  


and maybe Hackberry Tau 
I can do a simpler version if you think that would be easier to actually use on the device and whatnot. Less spikes and sharp edges. It was mainly just a concept. Maybe 30 min MS paint job.
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^ I think it should be good looking in black and white without gray tones. Logo should be clearly visible and attractive embossed on the case.
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DragonBox is ok in by books. But as an alternative I'll put up:

Dracon -> A merger of Dragon and Console, far less Google hits than DragonBox , one short simple word.
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Dracon is the best name I've heard so far.

It's good for every day usage and has the Dragon inside.

I'd really love to use that one.
Maybe because draconian isnt such a positive word.íðblaðnir and is one suggestion. It is the ship of frey, and it can be folded and put in your pocket. There is a type of boat called drake and drage.

The problem with picking a mythological name and not altering it (like freibladnir or freidraken) is that it has probably been used before, and its not really specific. I guess names that arent common, like apple, by default dont cost that much to protect.
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^ I think it's a stretch to tie Dracon to Draconian.  If you're going to do that, you could probably tie any word to something negative - Just my opinion.

Apart from being a merger of Dragon and Console. Dracon is also a very very rare boys name, who's meaning is Dragon
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"Tarragon Tau"

Tarragon is the herb Artemisia dracunculus sometimes called "Dragon" in German (in Dutch it still is called "Dragon"). It's the one that gives Béarnaise its delicious flavor.

Tau is a Greek letter (like Pi), and in mathematics it is recently popular to replace 2*pi, because it makes more sense to have the full circle as a unit. Pi is of course the first letter of Pandora, so Tau is a way of saying P2, and it is of course also a nod to the Raspberry Pi - but of course twice as good ;)

Tarragon Tau is a nice alliteration. It has all the references it needs (dragons, pandora, geek culture). It's a bit long but it can easily be abbreviated to TT or TTau.
it is of course also a nod to the Raspberry Pi
This is why I don't think I'd be comfortable calling it that. There's a lot of room for confusion already, and in the future I'd genuinely feel bad to vote for such a name and then find out the Pi guys wanted to use it for a sequel and now they can't.