Finding a proper name and logo :)


-com for computer - or communicator, or something (maybe if ED decides to include cellular radio stuff)
it is of course also a nod to the Raspberry Pi
This is why I don't think I'd be comfortable calling it that. There's a lot of room for confusion already, and in the future I'd genuinely feel bad to vote for such a name and then find out the Pi guys wanted to use it for a sequel and now they can't.
Why would they pick Tarragon?

OK, it makes potential sense for them to use Tau in the name of successor, but I would assume they would stay with the berry theme, so maybe it would be Raspberry Tau or Strawberry Tau or whatever. It could be mildly confusing to have both a "Tarragon Tau" and a "Blueberry Tau", but I don't think it's a big issue. People have a way to disambiguate things when needed, so in this scenario, we could for instance refer to our device as simply the "Tarragon".

I don't think we have to worry too much about confusion with potential names of potential successors of other devices. For all we know there is no successor, or if there is, it gets called "Raspberry Pi Model C" or "Raspberry Pi^2" or whatever, because they want to keep the name of their highly successful device.
Why would they pick Tarragon?
They wouldn't. The confusion comes, as you say, from the Tau part."This is my Terragon Tau" "Oh, so like a portable Strawberry Tau?"

Or the other way around. "Why won't these games run on the Strawberry Tau? They run fine on my Terragon Tau!" and then there's explanation how, even though they have similar names, they aren't the same thing.

Maybe there never will be a successor, or if there is they have no intention of using Tau (although they'd be missing a huge opportunity if they didn't) but I'd still feel bad about pre-emptively making that choice for them.

I'm not going to complain if it comes to a vote and wins, I'm just saying that I wouldn't vote for it and why.
In German, the dragoni is considered wormlike.. I suggst (besides Pandorum) Blitzwurm, about 5k hits.
If we are in mythology, I am surprised that (possibly due to the epic craze abut dragons) the name Rhiannon did not appear yet (or did it?). 

She is the Keltic goddess of, you got it, INSPIRATION, she is the one who gave Arthur the Excalibur !!

The other suggestion from me is Arianrhod, the Keltic/Welsh goddess of moon, and symbolized by a silver *wheel*, you know, wheel, like the symbol of innovaton (yes I know she's been a pretty harsh one, to her very own son)
Tau is a Greek letter (like Pi), and in mathematics it is recently popular to replace 2*pi, because it makes more sense to have the full circle as a unit. Pi is of course the first letter of Pandora, so Tau is a way of saying P2, and it is of course also a nod to the Raspberry Pi - but of course twice as good ;)
How about PanTau then ;) (Ah the childhood memories -

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Someone above mentioned PAndafin or something; so now I have (for some reason) a logo image in my head, where the front half is a dragon, and the back half is like a seahorse tail.. 'fin' making me think of fish.

I'm sure thats an icon much cooler in my head than on print however :)

The 'Chimera'. It may allude to the fact that the p2 can do many different things and also speaks of its bespoke or homebrew nature.
I liked Chimera at first, but then I read the second definition listed at and now I'm not so sure.

2 a thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve:
the economic sovereignty you claim to defend is a chimera
If we did use it despite that I think we should also change it in some way to both make it unique, and ensure there is no question of pronunciation for those reading it or spelling for those hearing it.

As for the * Tau suggestions, it occurs to me that the use of any 3 syllable word followed by a greek letter is going to give the impression that we really *wanted* to call it raspberry pi, but had to settle for second best. (especially if the first word is *berry)

- Neelix
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So we have a name that everyone seems to be ok with, dragonbox, which sounds like a generic and good moniker, with a subname after that? "Taupan" maybe?

As for logos, we need more content.
Pyra, Myriad and Chimera are some of my favorites thus far. Though for "Pyra" one of the first google suggestions is "Pyramid scheme" :D . The search results are in the scale of 1M, 40M and 4M respectively.

Drago(on|n(Box|fly|scale)) follow closely behind.

I'll go ahead and suggest Pyragon

Only 73k hits on google, has a connection to pandora (through pyrrha), ED (d-ragon), easy to pronounce, nice three-syllable ring to it. Could use some n-gon based maybe fire-related iconography.

EDIT: typo
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ED... your thoughts so far? Any of the alternatives interesting you at all?

So far DragonBox seems the best choice, but like a few of us I can't help but feel that a slight tweek or something would shift it from mearly being acceptable, to brilliant.

Is there another word we can use instead of Box?

DragonChest... hmm no.

Also, I have a feeling that it should be a single word, even if 3 syllables.

What types of dragons are there?

Perhaps someone in the know could list them here and we can pick one that embodies the spirit of the device...

... what is the spirit of the device?
I said ElectricDragon (or ElectroDragon) for a joke in the other thread, but it does have a certain ring to it. A certain apeal to the name.
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Pyragon is also my current favorite. It's short, original, has all the references (Pyrrha and Dragons), and lots of logo potential - polygon pyramid red-haired fiery fire feminine dragon.
these are all cool names...but for a console/computer? Mythology doesnt really do it for me. Pandora's box was clever, but I dont feel so good about using gods and goddesses to describe a computer... :(