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Ovariation!  That is so cheesy and funny.  When did you edit that, comradekingu?

These wars have been going on for a very long time.
Not on such a large scale as we'll have when the oil supply drops to a critically low level.

Edit: Added picture because reasons.

You edited, too.  This is a perfect picture for a conversation related to that derailment.  A family member was recently talking to someone who stated that they found it interesting since the price they pay for a gallon of water is what we pay for a gallon of fuel currently.  I know many people in developed countries focus on oil, but safe water is far more important (and it is not the only thing).

I wouldn't be surprised if the first human battles and wars were over resources.
I changed it when my joke was too subtle. Nobody seems to get my jokes. Thank you for noticing.

Likewise its rare that someone sees what i put into a logo, as opposed to what could have been random.
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I'm rarely happy with my first attempts, I have been known to edit posts up to 6 times before I'm happy with them.
I don't usually edit that much, but I do frequently add or fix stuff.  I try to be quick so it doesn't change after someone has read it, but you never know.  If people would just read what I meant, and not what I typed it would be better for everyone.