Finding a proper name and logo :)

We're trying to find serious name/logo here, not ripping already established brands…
I Like Myriad the most.

DragonBox is the logical choice, but... it holds no charm for me. Honestly it sounds a bit 'meh', plain and boring (No offense ED). It doesn't make me excited about the device, but the name 'Myriad' does.

I want my device to have a mystical 'endless possibilities' feel to it. DragonBox is so - *BAM* Dragon. Box. Where is the mystery? The wonder?  
Forgot about Myriad, That one does have a good ring to it.. what would be a good logo for that name?
I think Myriad and DragonBox are very nice...and i think also that the logo need to be the Pandora logo (i like it).
Unique as possible, easy to remember, easy to spell out and pronounce, catchy -> all things to look for in a product name.  

DragonBox is a reasonable name in light of the above.   Anyone have a logo for it, I think I saw one in another thread
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As kodeln says, this thread is for serious suggestions.

If you have a silly idea, please post it in impractical pandora-sucessor names ;)

In an attempt to tidy up, I have and will continue to move not-serious posts there. Please appeal by report or PM if your serious suggestion has been moved without due cause, as it can be very hard to work out which posts are which!

- Binky
I have an idea on how to modify Binky's Myriad logo to make it smaller and a bit simpler, but still give the same effect. If I get a chance I'll work on it tomorrow afternoon.
Why would you have a picture of a dragonfly for a device named dragonbox?
^ Why would you use logic like that. Incredible.  :p

Perhaps I'll have to tinker that guys image and get a dragon in lieu of the dragonfly

Dragonbox 2minute  MSPaint stylee
Myriad to me keeps reminding me of a drab womens name you'd associate with a boring old English spinster. ->  Myriam

Much prefer DragonBox ,it also returns far less hits on Google(1M vs 14M) and ebay(4 vs 1200) than Myriad. Plus from a marketing perspective, looking at word of mouth as a big marketing channel, passing on the name Myriad is not ideal. Pronunciation - spelling issues would hamper it.  For example look at the name Myriam, there are Eight different ways it's spelled.
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For example look at Myriam, there are Eight different ways it's spelled.
Myriam is a name and different people can spell and pronounce their name however they'd like.Myriad is a real word, it means "a large number of different things", and as such it has a single spelling and proper pronunciation. Maybe it's unusual for a non-native speaker, but phrases like "a myriad of colours" are not entirely uncommon in English literature. I think it really does sum up what the Pandora (sequel) is all about.

Isn't this a problem anyway http://en.wikipedia....riad_(typeface)
It shouldn't be. They've got a trademark on the name for a font. As long as EvilDragon doesn't start producing fonts he'll be fine.
^ Point taken on it being a real word, but as you saw with me, I didn't know the word(or at least not how it was spelled) , many others wont either and will thus be prone to spelling it incorrectly. Not good if you hear the name via word of mouth and then try to search for it

Plus it still reminds me of the boring womens name -> Myriam and of course it's still far less unique than DragonBox in Google and ebay searches
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Will the device be named "open something" ?

Following ingoreis idea, Dragoon. Can be cut into 'Goon.

Panbox, maybe too close to the OP.


Slackbox hehe.