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Apr 15, 2011

Make a logo for a successor to the pandora, the dragonbox pyra and the dragonbox shop. Good logos in general.

Learn gimp and from input by way of feedback, trial and error.

Simple, symmetry, european, dragons, magic, mystery.


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Name for device, "dragonode" which was a suggestion at a time no name had been selected.
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I came up with a name when i was out walking.
It has dragon, it has node, and its an ode to the dragon, which is ED.

Ode is the same word in all major european languages, in spanish its oda. And it comes from ancient greek.
Node is also the same across the board, its geeky but not in a bad way, it translates nicely to computer device and it begs the question of what greater network (community) it belongs to. Its a device onto itself, but in a greater respect its about the community.
DR has a nice connotation. And DE is the language code for germany. NO is norway, and not only from me to ED, i think honour to his work is something we can all get behind.

Dragonode is available on every top-domain. :)
3-4 syllable that roll along nicely and play on each-other. They cut off where the word-play is. It is easy to spell, and it works in many languages, the dragonode, dragonoden, etc.
It sounds not overly complex, and its not embarrassing to say.
Also i think node comes from knot (said so on wikipedia), which goes nicely with the logo

Explaning the potential names

Dragonode  (box) an ode to the dragon (ED)   node for short
dragonin      (box) shrödingers cat                    the dib  or dibs for short
dragonaid   (box) aid to or from the dragon      an aid or naid for short
dragonodin (box) Valfadir                                  oooooooodin

 This exists as a little gallery and a side discussion to the official logo and naming thread.
Very open for colour suggestions, alterations, names, anything, have fun.

Inspiration from old european culture, in a style one might find carved into stone and wood.
It is dragons intertwined, found mainly in celtic/norse, but also paneuropean culture.

Less chaos edition

Norwegian edition (corrected some mistakes)


Edit: Idea, Maybe it can be made into a dragon/fenris wolf/midgard serpent in this fashion:
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1vdPB61tVfM/UXoGmstD7GI/AAAAAAAAAsM/_ArZsqUXcuE/s1600/Freya_small.jpg Usually these things bite their own tail and form complex structures. Celtic.
It is kept in it simplest form due to my gimp-skills ;)
To pay homage to the german möebius mathemathician it could even twist around its own loop.
Möebios is a nice name.
Updates on versions, designs and ideas here in firstpost as time goes by.
Colours are better, used bauhaus style colours. Added font to inside the gaps
Meh, for some reason the forum software always kills the colouring, the originals are a lot more bright

Less noise, more better.
After some reconciliation feedback and thinking it became this.
The plot thickens as it takes a twisty turn for the land of möbius.
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It got twisted and complicated in möbius land, a wild monkfish appears
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He cooks up a compelling preposition.
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gimp is now friends with comradekingu, buttons are pressed

Some minute changes to cater to those seeing things outside of the box
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Adding borders to the outside of inner circle and other small changes
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Small changes:
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I see what you did there...

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The masses called for lower entropy, and lower entropy they got

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If this is the end, would that be a happy ending?

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A modern space age cyrillic-ish one.
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Pyra is fyr in my language, these are catered towards a more theoretical burning than flamme (flame)
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Here be dragons, in boxen. Flame away.
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I agree with Faeminx

It seems too complicated to me, but its a good concept.
Still too busy really - and logos that can't be drawn in black and white aren't worth the pixels they're displayed on.
Still too busy really - and logos that can't be drawn in black and white aren't worth the pixels they're displayed on.
Just take out the red in the first and you got black and white...

The border on the outline isnt meant to be there, maybe if i do transparent fields that will dissapear.
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I like the first one, surprisingly it looks good even when scaled down to 'favicon' sizes. The white loops on white background gives it an interesting shape.
It does, hadnt noticed. With the last one, i think twisting the outer sections longlines (like möbius) and doing a darker colour on one side will retain the effect even in the other cross sections.

The idea is that its really simple to make now, its nice to have a logo you can make with a ruler or a router.

Allthough the last idea adds another colour and some lines not being 45 it could turn out nice.
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Added a name and a visual spelling of it. Font is Raleway light, which is foss licensed. SIL Open Font License (OFL)

The ono is nubs, but it also is a face, as a little nod to those that see it. Human perception of faces is very strong, and we look for them everywhere. That is why many things in nature take on humanoid form "the man in the mountain" etc.
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I'd like it that way, if it has to be Bauhaus (I'm more into gothic style though):

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I think the logo shouldn't be easily recognizable on high relief, but you could improve by simplification and maybe separating the blocks.

Also, looks like you've spent a lot of time about the name. I liked it.

Klumpen, for me the reduced proposal breaks the flow, i tried doing one myself too, but it turned out just jagged and abrupt.

I really enjoy the roundness without it being round. Many compromises were considered in changing the corners, in the end i think only the "negative space" aspect of looking at it against a seamless white or black background got changed.
i like the first one best here, where there is no clear border to it
I still like the first one best, it seems to be rounded not square (no thin black borders around the edge).