EpicGames Client ?? What do you think about it ?

I only see Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel and the DLCs in there, no Borderlands 1.

Yeah, my fault. I hoped that there was even the first one... :oops: ...but seems like the store doesn't have it at all :confused:

That's the first time I see a game that needs the client... could be a multiplayer requirement.
That's the first time I see a game that needs the client... could be a multiplayer requirement.
Nah, it just won't start without the client. It was the same for those other freebies:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (also needs constant UPlay link to play)
The Escapists
Farming Simulator 19
Grand Theft Auto V
For Honor (also needs constant UPlay link to play)
Just Cause 4
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Offworld Trading Company
Rayman Legends (also needs constant UPlay link to play)
The Talos Principle
Ticket to Ride
Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Watch Dogs (also needs constant UPlay link to play)
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Those that require uplay are presumably ubisoft published games. It wouldn't surprise me in that case if even a DVD of the game (should you still be able to buy any of them on DVD) would require a constant connection to the uplay server.
uplay games also needs an uplay account to run them, even if you got them from epicstore
I don't see it advertised anywhere on the store, but...

Trackmania is FREE (maybe while it's still a Pre-order, I'm not sure)
The BETA version of this game is FREE to get:

Because I see that a lot of people likes the "Elite" serie in this forum, just know that the next week, Elite: Dangerous will be FREE on Epic Store
Be prepared, because in the next 15 days, there will be a FREE GAME EVERY DAY !!
Every game will have only 24 ours to be redeemed for free.
Not sure about this list:

Yeah, I have heard the voices, but that list is based purely on guesses... the fact is that Epic has a public list of games that could possibly come to the store but are just waiting for official approval, and in the past most of those games were the free game of the week.

So, after the 15 free days announcement, some people made some math and added dates to that list.

I will be actually not surprised if things like "Horizon Zero Dawn" will come to the store as free gift, because I'm already used to get free AAAAAAA games in that store, it's like the norm... but those are really TOO MUCH AAA GAMES !! :confused:

I just counted I have 186 games on the account, and I got ALL of them for FREE... there must be a limit at some point...
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It's a trap.
I still refuse to use their launcher.
I don't want one more launcher and account.

I just counted I have 186 games on the account, and I got ALL of them for FREE... there must be a limit at some point...
If I were not so stubborn about it, that seems like a great "deal".
Congrats for getting so many games for free :)
From time to time they give away really great games worth playing.
If I were not so stubborn about it, that seems like a great "deal".
I was stubborn like you once... I waited for years to buy Blizzard games because I was hoping they stopped their DRM stuff at some point... I didn't wanted accounts with legal stuff to read or clients to manage stuffs... I wasn't even using Steam at the time, because of those reasons...
But the reality was that I just wanted to play some games present only on those stores... and while I have a LOT of patience and can wait a lot of time, at some point I just realized that wasn't the case to keep in my head simple desires like these for so much time, when was so easy and direct to just realize them and get over it...
Yes, there are limits that I don't like, and there are contracts that must be understood first, but in the end, thanks even to actual laws, they can't do so much with your data except for some common statistics, unless you give them permission to do more.

Also sometimes strange things happens where you just don't expect them, like EpicStore was the first platform that had a version of "Batman Arkham: Knight" DRM FREE (without DENUVO crap)... and the game appeared on GOG only after... , then later, the Steam version was patched... I mean... damn, Steam that had the game from the beginning was the last one, while Epic, the super criticized platform, was the first ?! WTF !! :confused:
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The first game of the double free weeks is "CITIES SKYLINES" (only base game, DLCs NOT included), and as I guessed it is not even listed

3 of the DLCs are free
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I find, at least till now, Epic client pretty clean, it still miss a lot of "basic" features, but when I close it I don't see running stuff left around, the same for Steam and UBISOFT Connect.
Also if I manually launch a game, downloaded from the Epic client but that doesn't require it to run, I just can do that and the client, with all its components stay closed. (Or at least I don't see nothing relatable running on my system.)

From this point of view, right now, it's GOG Galaxy the worst one, because it leaves services around even when shut down, and those services will be automatically started from the games even when launched directly without the client running... there is no option at all to remove or disable those services.
If you manually stop them, and then launch a game (directly from the game executable), those will be started.
If you remove them, and open Galaxy, those will be created again, and will stay there.
So, if you want a game to not use them, the only choice is a batch that disables or removes them before it is started...