What Do You Do For A Living

I was a computer games designer, then a games artist...then made reduntant with half the company, and now a contract games artist. And the UK games industry sucks at the moment. Maybe I should apply to various companies in amsterdam,
virtual leech, what it like over there?
And the UK games industry sucks at the moment.

Cant disagree more im afraid.........

Im Dean, 21 and have worked on MS games. (Evaluation, functional and compliance testing) I currently work for Eidos testing all their games :eek:)
I have been offered a job for THQ, (You guessed it, testing games again)

67 titles to date and still rolling (anyone need any GP proggies tested/evaluated feel free to mail me at deanollive@eudoramail.com

I think its better to be a tester of games than a tester for an ecommerce site. I have to mess about with a friggin' trolley all day long. Both the technical and the human side of it. Its bloody annoying.

On a side note, deanollive, if you want to test my Aliens WAD @ Alien Doom Page. I'd be much appreciated. I have tested the first three levels. There is objects in the way on later levels and I need to find out where and remove them.
R u trying to kill me Alpha, first you bring me the news of bloddy x, and then you tell me you've made an aliens wad (Fav films EVER)...
WTF, I will check it out for you on my way home if you like...
Although if you could post instructions on getting doom wads to work that would be great as I tried several times b4 with no luck..

One thing if your a codie:
Would it be possible to get Aliens Vs Predator on the GP (And b4 you all flame me I mean the scrolling one by Capcom I think, Cps1 chip i think) Whoever does that would get an instant cash injection curtisoy of Deano
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rcx21000 posted on Feb 23 2004 at 05:29 PM said:
I do something illegal for a living.... ;) (atleast in Germany, where I am now): *drum roll* *another drum roll* *I know that you are excied!* I'm homeschooled!!!!! ;)
You're in Germany atm?
Where're you exactly?
I'm from Germany ;)
I'm from US, live in germany :) Now don't send police to Hannover to get me and put me in a school... Because I don't live in Hannover... ;) :p
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I get paid to bug people on the phone. Yess i'm a telemarketer. It's only a temp job, but it's still hard. Hours suck ass, cause as soonas I get home from school I goto work get home at 10 and sleep and start it all over. I need a part time job. What makes it really hard is that you have to act on impulse, read stuff off of the screen, talk, and type at the same time. It's annoying. And I really really don't want to go today.
deanollive posted on Feb 25 2004 at 04:58 PM said:
Would it be possible to get Aliens Vs Predator on the GP (And b4 you all flame me I mean the scrolling one by Capcom I think, Cps1 chip i think) Whoever does that would get an instant cash injection curtisoy of Deano
Don't hold your breath, It's CPS2 and the rom is 23MB (10MB zipped)
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Systems Analyst / Programmer for a city firm.

Shame all my design and programming skills are all business orientated.
Visual basic, C#, SQL and..... COBOL! (Ancient programming language! I still code in it day to day!!)

Not much you can do with any of the above with a gp32 :rolleyes: Otherwise i'd have had bash coding something out ;)
I used to be: A postman (1 year), Graphic Designer (1.5 years), web designer (when I have the work & time), Night porter (1 year - Best job ever, shit pay though), Lighting shop assistant, Lighting shop Asst Manager (6 months until I called the manager a prick), Book picker/packer (2.5 days), Soap factory zombie (1 day), Macdonalds (1/2 day) and about 50 other assorted crap jobs (1-2 days each).
The model employee I see.

I work at my dad's autobody shop on weekends and in the summer for money to blow on games and save up for College. I also photograph for the our business' WEBSITE and keep the network up and running. I plan on being in IT when I get out of College if all goes well.
You know the world's best Tech Instititue is in India but somehow thier still seen as Third-world. I've heard that students there work thier asses off to get in and the Institutes in the United State are pretty much secondary if they don't make it.
I'm a lead switch tech for a major Telecommunications company (versed in the Nortel DMS-500 and Sieman's IOS technologies), graveyard shift. I basically repair customer troubles with their T1 circuits, Centrex/POTS lines and anything related.
At the moment I leech of my parents and student loans while I attend Bournemouth University. Prior to this I have been a Shelf stacker in a super market, worked in a pub and spent 13 months as a freelance web designer.
ha! some of my mates and my sister went to bournemouth uni.... they're all complete trash heads! (cept me sis of course..)