What Do You Do For A Living


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Sep 17, 2003
Hello, i regularly look into this website to see if anything new has come out on the gp32. Looking at the message board and at some of the idiotic comments left by the self righteous society i was wondering what people do for a living. The main reason for my question is that for the entire weekend i have been constructing a computer system for a client and have now been sitting in front of this bl**dy computer for 14 hours.
The perils of working for yourself!
I deliver pizzas to a bunch of lazy asses that barely fucking tip. I mean, damn people, if you ain't gonna get off your own ass to get the pizza, at least give the guy who's bringing to you a couple bucks. Jesus H Christ on the cross.
My country pays me for shooting bad guys ;)
Well, actually, I have not yet shot anyone, but I'm pretty good at long-range MG firing and get paid anyway, so whatever ;)
Netherlands is great. I have just come back from an alcohol soaked weekend in Amsterdam. (Re: thread, I live in the UK and work for an Ecommerce company).

If I had the time and the money I would spend all my weekends there.
I'm the technical director of a local TV station and own a film- and commercial production company (together with a friend) where I do the compositing and editing stuff.
I do something illegal for a living.... ;) (atleast in Germany, where I am now): *drum roll* *another drum roll* *I know that you are excied!* I'm homeschooled!!!!! ;)
I, like about half of the other people in the UK (or so it seems), am a web designer. Apologies for my earlier senior / señor gag BTW - fell a bit flat methinks.

I used to be: A postman (1 year), Graphic Designer (1.5 years), web designer (when I have the work & time), Night porter (1 year - Best job ever, shit pay though), Lighting shop assistant, Lighting shop Asst Manager (6 months until I called the manager a prick), Book picker/packer (2.5 days), Soap factory zombie (1 day), Macdonalds (1/2 day) and about 50 other assorted crap jobs (1-2 days each).

Now I'm house husband (looking after the boy while the missus works - not as easy as I thought it'd be!) and I'm at college learning software development.

...Bit more information than you asked for but there you go.
woogal posted on Feb 23 2004 at 05:51 PM said:
I'm a Lead Software Developer, which is exactly the same as a Senior Software Developer but doesn't make me sound quite so old :)
I am old :p
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rcx21000 posted on Feb 23 2004 at 05:29 PM said:
I do something illegal for a living.... ;) (atleast in Germany, where I am now): *drum roll* *another drum roll* *I know that you are excied!* I'm homeschooled!!!!! ;)
You're in Germany atm?
Where're you exactly?
I'm from Germany ;)
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I run my own business (web development, php aplications and that sort of stuff - webmastering in general :) but no ferrari in garage yet - but i am going to offer my cheap services abroad and then maybe i will get one ;). I am also an university teacher what is even quite funny (i teach or rather have workshops with student about creating mutlimedia/web development and databases (SQL) :).