What do you think will usurp facebook?

Google turned up nothing, apart from something from 2009 which is now a 404.

Surprised such a thing does not exist (or maybe it does and they keep it off google? :) )
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...so we can avoid all the undesirables ;)

and that is why I hope the masses don't switch to Google+, I'm very happy with my news feed containing interesting posts instead of hosts of clickjacking scams and pics of sick kids with the "like and share this pic and facebook will pay for the child's cancer treatment" type messages.

After following Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf fame on g+ for example, I initially expected some news on the new red dwarf series and general zany talk in the style of which we've seen him on Scrapheap Challenge. A little of that, yes but also some interesting talk between him and other "plussers" on renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. He actually has a Youtube show called "Fully Charged" that is quite interesting and I might not have discovered if not for g+.

I think we should make a hybrid BBS/social network combo - that way we can have Craig's tests to filter out those who are undeterred by the lack of flashiness ;)
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An open peer-to-peer WiFi(WinMax, WiWhuteva) network based on embedded solar-wind-geothermal-hydro-fission-powered access points scattered across the globe.

Regular PC hardware and network devices are supported.

Thus the Internet and everything on it will be replaced by FidoNet00000010. B)
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lets have a pandora BBS! and please lets not do: http://www.so.cl/

which seems to be a Microsoft rip off of G+

A liver for a BBS-like board for OP [without images -> pure text essence, like in mid 90's :) ] :)
a portion of my party-ravaged liver for a pandora BBS client port lol
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I think the shares need to come down to about half their initial value.

Of course all social network shares will eventually crash, but I don't suppose it will be soon.
The problem is that popular things tend toward the lowest common denominator.

Maybe you're on to something, maybe we need to make a Facebook clone which has some grammar and general intelligent tests before it lets you sign up, so we can avoid all the undesirables ;)

Actually, if a site like that exists I'd be interested in trying it. Even if it rejects me.
It doesn't even need to lock out people, it just needs to make sure that everyone knows they can join, but nonsense is not what's being asked for in that place. And it has to cost the users money (except for those who cannot afford it) so that it doesn't have to sell its users and that the users know they are being respected. Guess why I suggested creating yet another Pandora forum in that text over at gp32x.

Whatever there will be after facebook (and be that a newer version of facebook itself), it probably will have more high quality content, or at least that's what I assume for the time being. It only needs something for people to realize how much they can benefit from (the right) high quality content. edit:...and as things become more and more 'simple', it becomes more and more likely that more people are actually going to realize this one day or another, because "Simplicity Is Not the Answer".
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FriendsReunited is run by someone i used to know, or their brother mainly.

Another old mate set up something similar too, for travellers.

I personally don't use any of these things, I barely have enough time to follow forums and don't catch up with my mates enough in the real world ... though try to make that effort.

I did sign up with Google's + thing, but they moaned about not using my real name for it so I packed it in.

From mates of mine who spend far too much time on twitter and FB, even when they in the pub with mates, it seems pretty lame.

The only time I ever used twitter was during the London riots last year as it was kicking off at the end of my road, so I was reading about it then on some BBC reporter