EpicGames Client ?? What do you think about it ?

This week there is a game that seems a spiritual successor to the old racing games like Outrun:

Horizon Chase Turbo

Oh, and as a side note also SONIC MANIA
This week one of the FREE games is a "not so mindless" fun game:
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead ... just take physics, then adds a lot of zombies to play with !!

Also ATTENTION ATTENTION !!! For all the Myst-like fan out there, one of the FREE games of the next week will be:
OBDUCTION !! :cool:
There's also Minit which is playable (with a few slowdowns) on the Pandora with box86 and pretty fun.
Seems like that in the last update they optimized "a little" their humongous client, now is more responsive than before and it's also easier to have a look at the additional contents for a game.
Still it is missing most of the library management functions that other store clients have.
The "FREE" stuff of the next week will contain a really "strange" offer...

There's a package called "Antstream" that contains more than 1000 retrogames, BUT, the free stuff is not exactly it !!
The free stuff will be the "1000 Gems" that you then can spend to play those games for a limited time !!!

Ah, the cool old Arcade spending sessions will be back... WTF !!! xD
Oh man, I posted about Antstream here two years ago. Amazingly, it's not dead yet.

This is HUGE !! Today the TOMB RAIDER 2013 TRILOGY (all definitive editions !!) is FREE !!
Now, this is pretty much a guess, but when they did the same with Batman Arkham they were the first store with those games DRM FREE (and on GOG and STEAM those versions came later)... if happened the same with the TOMB RAIDER games, maybe they will appear on GOG too.

corrected the date, it's the 2013 trilogy

Also YEAH, those are DRM FREE VERSIONS !!!
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The FREE game of the week seems really charming, the only things that stopped me to get it previously were the not so happy reviews... seemed like people who tried it were expecting less bugs and less repetitiveness.

But well, now I will judge by myself !! ;)

The FREE "game" of the week is HUGE !!!

Bioshock: The Collection !!!
BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, with all the single player DLC included !!! :cool: