Current status of the "que" lists


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Oct 13, 2009
Happy Friday all.

As more than likely it has been asked over and over, and without trying to search every thread,

is there any intelligence on the precise status of where both shops (Craig's & Ed's) are relative to the "que" number that Jacqueline gives out? That is, does anyone know what number they are currently on as far as the shipping of the Pandoras? Even if the team would state, "shipping units 1,200 thru 1,700 from Batch 1 next week" or something like that...

Too bad, there wasn't a status as such mentioned on the OpenPandora website's Current Status rather than the just the numbers produced. The number produced doesn't really seem to relate to the "que" number.

Anyways, great job Open Pandora team! You guys rock for all of your hard work.
The quick answer, before the flaming begins:

No, there isn't. For several reasons:

* "The queue numbers that Jaquelyn gave out" was not in itself very accurate. People have gotten very different estimates, probably because different ways of counting have been used at different times.

* Also, the way the order data is held (we may assume) makes it non-trivial to ascertain a "good" queue number, having to take into account the different queues, those set aside for RMA, queue movements due to premium orders or one-nubbers or refurbs, and suchlike.

Ought OPT to have a better queue system? Possibly. But they don't, and so we wont get a good estimate.

* Due to this, it would at the moment be rather unwise to go public with a detailed post along the lines of "We have now shipped pandora number 956" or whatever. Every such pronouncement will be met with a gaggle of preorderers going "I was told I had a position in 800-900! You are all liars who have taken my moneys and spent it on crack!!!" or something similar. So (I'd imagine) whether hey do have a precise number of sent out pandoras or not, I think OPT are wise enough not to tell.