Classic, non-upgraded preorders / Current status page?

So, OpenPandora needs another 200.000 euro to provide the original pre-orders? This means a few hundred pre-orders are still open...

Personally I waited two and a half years for my Pandora. I really can't imagine myself still waiting at this moment. It must be so hard for these people.

It's about four years ago since the first orders, and still some people didn't receive their unit. With all these alternative handheld devices out there, this does get me worried a little.
I'd be willing to donate 10 euro (whatever that works out to in USD) to get my Pandora faster as well, but I'd still feel better if Craig would take the time to address this thread instead of leaving it all to EvilDragon. I understand ED is better at the PR stuff, but he just can't speak for Craig regarding queue status, and that's what we'd all like an update on. Can't give an accurate assessment? Fine. Give us a good reason why or try harder, but at least say something to us!

Seriously, I can't be the only one here who wants to see Craig actually indicate that he's at least read the concerns we've put forth in this thread.
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No more from me, I just want my 1GHz unit. Withdrawl is setting in since selling off my original for a loss, so I have contributed enough.