Citadel: MMO Platform Game Concept -- request for comments


Jan 28, 2008
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Citadel: A massively multiplayer platform game concept

Latest info is always at the project's brainstorming page:


The game is a side-scrolling platform-based RPG/action game, in the style of Castlevania and Cave Story.

The game takes place entirely within the Citadel, a vast castle-like structure. No one knows what lies outside its walls. Long ago in the forgotten past, the Citadel suffered some form of mystical catastrophe, and the world was fractured.

The castle exists in a realm of perpetual Night, pristine but sterile; no plants grow there. The people make what lives they can, enjoying a magically-imposed peace (no human can harm another), but always on the defensive against the ever encroaching monsters from above and below.

However, there is a ritual that allows a person to break through the barrier to the realm of Day. In daylight, the castle is in ruins, and overgrown with wild plants, but no other creatures disturb the silence -- only the humans who dare intrude. Many of the plants are deadly, and there is no spell of protection preventing attack from an enemy. Still, there are riches to be found there; both among the Trees, and from the bodies of fellow travellers.

Some small areas of the Citadel exist between the realms. The protection spell holds, and no monsters can enter, so these halls provide welcome sanctuary for weary adventurers. Perhaps they represent the original nature of the Citadel. But the Twilight Rooms are few, and their numbers may be dwindling...


If the concept sounds interesting, please take a look at the project's brainstorming page. There is much more detail there, and it is updated regularly as the concept evolves.

I'm looking for some feedback and information on a number of topics:

* Thoughts on the game concept itself, whether you see any gameplay issues or not, further ideas...

* Suggestions for a game engine, platform or supporting libraries. The less that needs to be written from scratch, the better.
Note that the game will be optimised for the Pandora, but it won't be exclusive to it. (Otherwise you'd end up with an MMO with no players...)
Ideally the software will support the Pandora, Linux & Windows; possibly PSP.

* Assistance with development of the project.
I can manage production of the initial art assets. (later on, having a few extra people would speed things up)
I could probably write the basic platform engine okay too, but I have no experience with developing multi-client network support.

Perhaps there is even an existing game that could be extended with the required features.
Interested developers, let me know over at
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