Christmas Update - what happened 2021 and what will happen 2022


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Mar 4, 2003
Aaaand here is the long overdue update regarding the Pyra!

All packed in a 17-minute video podcast.

Let me know if you have and further questions.

I'm wishing everyone a very merry christmas - stay healthy, and thanks for everything :)
Thank a lot for the update.

I forgot, did the audio coprocessor need binary only firmware to run ? Of course it needs a kernel driver and that must be free (once it works with current kernels). But does it also need a blob? I'm always interested on what works with only 100% free code. And I had 3D acceleration, and modem in my list, but not sure whether I was once told audio too (although it will work as much as it now does without the blob, I guess).
Merry Christmas Evil Dragon and all other board members.
Whilst I felt bad complaining about the shoulder buttons in my unboxing video it's good to know there is a reason why.
I'll wait to see how my later unit feels in comparison to this early unit to find out whether it is worth the upgrade. I also don't expect it to be free. Hopefully life is still good for me and I can just pay.
I just wish I had the focus to be able to help with the software issues like I had planned.
AWESOME, thanks for the update ED! Love it, I think updates like this ease everyone and get them to understand the challenges and struggles they don't see or hear about!
Looking forward to hearing more from you soon! Merry Christmas!
Thanks ED for the video and all of your hard work. It amazes me how much expense you are absorbing to keep this project alive. Surely you must now be making a loss on each unit. Thanks so much for your incredible dedication.
Nice video. Good to hear you've avoided any Covid related complications so far.

So, the new cases then. Is it just the wrong parameter in the build process that's causing the keys to be mushy, or is there also a couple of missing support pegs like you mentioned in another status update? Perhaps just fixing that parameter will make the keys as good as they were on that prototype that went around the world.
It's good to see that at least the Pyra production is not (yet) directly affected by all these Covid related issues that bother basically the entire economy worldwide. I always believed that a solid Storage of parts is better than the common "just in time" process that get broken as soon as something unexpected happens. Because what you have...well that you have. ;)
It's annoying though that even the new case company messed up things. It seems to be a never ending story with these Pyra cases. Maybe there could be a better design in the future that is in general easier to mold and to produce with less chances for errors. It is possible as alot of recent Handheld-Devices show us. When these chinese companies can do it right, then a European company should also be able to make perfect cases imho.
It's good that the reason for the tolerance issues was found and fixed though.

Happy Holidays! :)
Depends what you were playing, I guess. I suppose the CPU doing all of that work won't come for free, but I don't know for sure. I'd be surprised if it was using more the 10% of that CPU to be honest. to fill the audio buffer But I guess the way to find out if to start something like mpg123 playing an mp3 file and seeing what cpu usage is in top or something like that. On my system, playing a 128kbps mp3 on it uses at most 2% of CPU.
I played a bit Tetris on SNES9X, whit Audio via Bluetooth, but I ditnt looked on the CPU Usage ..
but it’s played quite good, even if this is the not that good first Batch Pree Pree Order Edition Case from 1 Year ago ^^

It’s quite awesome: next month, I have this thing for a whole year ^^
But I have to play a lot more whit it..
Hi and Happy Holidays to you all :D

@EvilDragon : thank you very much for this update :)

Nice to hear about the audio chip being a possible cause to the warming issue, this one really drives me mad and is the main reason why I don't use the Pyra as much as I'd like to...

Cheers, Magic Sam
Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks so much for the video, EvilDragon. It is always great to see you report of all the immense action that´s happening besides (that cannot be grasped just by forum reading). Wish you a happy new year and much success :)