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    What's The Geekiest Thing You've Ever Done?

    I always find myself attempting to somehow try to use a search function when looking for something in real life.
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    New Gp2x Infected?

    ^ There are always exceptions.
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    Shadow Warrior Gp2x

    Shit... I remember this thread.
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    Pocketsnes - Illusion Of Time And New Version?

    I saw "... New Version" and came here immediately.
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    Gp2x Crap Games Competition Results!

    The review of CarCounter 2007 I found to be the funniest. Actually tempted to play some of these :)
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    Gp2x In "the Australian" Newspaper

    I never read that newspaper.. Ill have to pick one up tomorrow though :)
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    Your Favorite Gba Games?

    Gotta be pokemans or fftactics. The yugioh games are alright, a mtg game would be awesome.
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    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    Oh god no! Now how will I play portable quake 3? /wrist
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    Anyone Got One Of These?

    Careful, you might get banned :)
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    Tower Defence 2x

    Looks great! Will try it out soon. I hope this doesn't discourage Alex as his looks great; and different types of tower defense add challenge :)
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    Official Gph Wireless Connector

    A mini keyboard... Typing of the dead remake, anyone?
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    Tower Defence Game

    Many a time have I played the warcraft 3 tower defense maps into the early hours of the morning. I am really looking forward to see what Alex can do with this; with customisable maps this could be the next big thing :P
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    Gp2x Community Game Contest: Community Favorite Poll

    Seems like it... We really need some deadlines around here.
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    Gp2x Convention(?)

    What are you saying, John Doe #3?
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    Gp2x Convention(?)

    Yeah, I had to vote US, follwed by a firm "No". But having it here would be silly... Spain, anyone? :P
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    The Gpx2 Will Have Maaaany Programs

    Can't wait till the gpx2 comes out!
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    10 Most Dangerous Toys!

    What kind of retard breaks a rib with a sky dancer?
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    Gp2x Australia Community

    Did any aussies go to Game1 last weekend?
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    New Dreamcast Game For 2007!!

    zero gunner 2 = one of greatest shooters on DC
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    Imagining The Tenth Dimension

    We just finished watching "The elegant universe" in physics. String theory FTW!