Why no rebirth upgrade option?


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Aug 28, 2010
I'm a "first batch" preorderer (Oct 2009) that opted to wait without paying any extra when the survey was sent out.  Mostly because of my I'm-not-giving-Craig-Rothwell-another-red-cent policy.  Now that he is officially out of the picture I'm warming up to the idea of upgrading, but I'm curious why there is no upgrade option to get a rebirth unit.

From ED's email in September the options were to get a Ghz model for 300, a classic for 100, or wait for the donations to cover your order.

Since the pandora comes in three varieties it seems like one was left out.  And that is the one I've been eyeing.
I think the reason is that the price for the ReBirth unit would be very close to that of the GHz model (290 maybe), and nobody would pick that option just to save 10 EUR.
Askarus, that's the upgrade for people who already HAVE a Pandora.

_wb_ is correct though. The production price for the Rebirth and GHz is nearly the same.
Right, I was a little confused.

Somehow mixed the survey with the regular upgrades.
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Yeah it had occurred to me that the production costs were about the same, but I thought I'd ask since the sale prices are still different.  Looking again now the rebirth pandoras are selling at cost already (or really close).

Leaning toward getting a classic unit now.