Craigs Preorder List Update

I thought this was part of the plan. These aren't refurbs they were never working. I definitely would like one of these and said such in the survey. According to ED there are 40-something of us that wanted them. He has 50. Are these not destined for us?  :blink:
That was the plan. But you never know with Craig...

Well, I replaced nubs on 50 PCBs, but I don't know how many of the PCBs are fully working.

According to Craig, he tested these before he sent them to me, but his tester doesn't do USB, etc.
I emailed Craig and Jacquelyn at on 20 Aug 2013 regarding my preorder. The order itself was placed on 13 Sep 2010, for 3no. Pandoras + accessories; I wanted to support the project, and 2 of the units were intended as gifts for family members. The amount I spent totalled £1,063.68.

I've not yet had a reply, so today I tried phoning the Newcastle phone numbers (both the 0191 243 2253 OpenPandora one and the 0191 241 3554 Gbax one). The first didn't even produce a ringtone and the second rang out until the call was terminated.

I'd be satisfied with either a refund or 3no. original spec units/accessories (or combination thereof). I'd also like to know what's happening about pursuing CircuitCo. My financial situation has changed for the worse over the last 3 years, which is disappointing.

My next step is to direct my questions by post to the registered addresses of both OpenPandora and I Control Pad.

I visited Newcastle around Easter this year - shame I didn't think to pay Craig a visit. Are there any locals on this board who've attempted to contact him in person?
I have emailed them twice since ED's original comment about the 50 boards, saying that I want one, and haven't heard a thing back... The most recent was the 20th... I was so... so hopeful there for a little while.... :(
Well, I'm still working on things and the community is helping with donations, so it's not Game Over yet.
@Ed yeah, I know your doing your best, i just meant that the whole craig thing is ridiculous at this point.