2009 Craig pre-order, looking to upgrade through ED.


Jun 1, 2009
I realize that Craig and ED run separate shops, though I remember reading something about potentially transferring/cancelling Craig's order so that I can get onto a timely delivery with ED.

At the time that the survey was posted I didn't have any source of employment, and as such picked the no-payment option, though I have since found a decently-paying job for a little while, so I have some funds to set down for an upgrade! Rejoice!

Which people would I need to message/talk to in order to sort this out? I'm looking to upgrade to a 1GHz model.
Or use the 'contact us' form on dragonbox.de
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Good stuff. I'll get on to doing that, then. Wasn't sure if I should go directly to them.
Yes, now that I have the preorder list (which is currently being sorted) it can go directly through me or my shop :)
I sent an e-mail to the sales team. If you want the information here as well, I'd be happy to PM you.
Same here, I havent got mine, or a refund yet. I think it is a scam. Wont update now.