What option would you take to resolve the preorder queue?

Which option would you choose to get a Pandora?

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Oct 18, 2009
Hi, this is a preorder only poll. Please delete all posts by non preorders (except ED) to keep this post clean. I would be very curiously to hear ED opinion on this. I suggest prices like 299€, 199€, 99€ and 49€.

I suggest the following 5 possibilities, I would like to know which one most people would take. It is just pure theoretical:

Buy an instant Ghz Pandora for 300€. Get a voucher for a second Pandora 349€.

Buy an Ghz Pandora for 200€ and wait some time (until profits and donations are enough).

Buy an instant Classic Pandora for 100€.

Buy an instant Classic Pandora for 50€ and wait some time(until profits and donations are enough).

Pay nothing and wait several years and maybe receive a free Rebirth Pandora.

Is the "350€ for a second Pandora voucher" a motivation for you? Would you take it, when you have to pay 349€ for it (and then receive a free Ghz Pandora for the voucher?). Would you take it when you get a free voucher, which can be used to get a Ghz Pandora for 349€? Who should get the option to get the voucher, only the 300€ people?

Modus operandi:

There are 2 ways to pay for your vouchers for the 200€ and 50€ wait vouchers.

The first way is you pay the 200€ and 50€ in advance in wait until a Pandora ships.

The second Way: Wait each month until enough money is in the Donation / Profit Fund and then let people pay until the fund is empty. Do a monthly newsletters: "We have 2000€ from them donations and profits. This means 1000€ for 20 classic Pandoras and 1000€ for 10 Ghz Pandoras. You can now order and pay  a Ghz or CC unit and get it INSTANTLY delievered until the 2000€ are gone. First come, first served". 
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It would take considerable penny-pinching, but if I absolutely *had to*, I'd find a way to scrounge together 50€. I wouldn't mind what I mentioned in the other thread (A GCW Zero), either; and that would probably save even more money on ED's end.
At best I could get €100+vat, but I would really begrudge paying, what for me is a lot of money, for a refurbished inferior unit (which I'm pretty sure wouldn't be powerful enough for what I'm wanting to do with it). The voucher is irrelevant to me as I doubt I'll ever be able to afford a 1 gig unit. I know it's unlikely but I wish there was a cheaper way of getting a Rebith unit, but €150+vat would likely be my absolute limit :(
After having several kids, earning my doctorate, making an international move for research reasons, I can't afford any of these options.  I had a real use for the pandora when I ordered it, but now I don't really have a use for it.  I eventually bought another handheld system for one of my kids and rooted it to do the things I needed.  I still think it would be fun to have it, but at this point I'm guessing I'll never own one.  And not to be negative, but looking at what pandoras sell for used, I'd be better off buying a used rebirth for less than 150 euros than doing the upgrade.  It doesn't matter though, because based on the "survey" that was really a permanent selection, Craig is still handling my order.  Thus, I will never get anything.
I've voted above... come on, the rest of you...

Thanks for setting up the poll, but what about pre-ordered accessories, please?