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Well, my sound problems are back... Maybe they never went away...

I tried Lethal Weapon..stuttering sound.. It stutters until the logo scrolls into view then the sound is fine..

Also in game.. When your standing there the sound is crappy, but when you move and the screen is scrolling then the sound is fine..

How's that work then? You'd think it would be the other way round.. ( sound getting sloppy when there's more to do )

Any ideas John?
Tried the game and have the same issues (with all 3 cores). Tried some other games (Stunt Car Racer, Turrican II and Targhan) and they all ran flawlessly.

No idea why Lethal Weapon has these issues. Maybe it always did in UAE4All?
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No, there isn't.

But I just tried the old version (the last version before the controls change for SuperZaxxon) with kernel 2.6 and Lethal Weapon behaves exactly as bad.

So I can confirm it's just a compatibility issue with the game.

Updated compatibility list...
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I've found an issue with a game too, First Samurai! No matter what actual Pandora CPU speed and emulation core I select, I can't get the game to run at full speed, it seems to top out at around 33frames instead of 50, with sound stuttering accordingly. Have any of the others experiencing similar problems checked the emulation speed ?

First Samurai is running as "well" as it always did. Tested with the old uae4all under kernel 2.6 and with the new one under kernel 3.2.

Well, now I know why the game always seemed crap - it's not emulated at the correct speed.

Updated compatibility list...
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I wasn't able to confirm the First Samurai issue before as it didn't seem to load at all, but once I lowered the number of drives to one, it behaves better!(still too slow mind you!!)

I tried Wings and it plays well, but is a bit too fast during the strafing missions and the bombing missions... any way to make it slower?
Toni Wilen explained that some old games (incl. Cinemaware titles such as Wings, It Came from the Desert, etc.) run too fast since they're not synched to 50fps like most other games are.

With cycle-exact blitter they run at the correct speed. If you disable cycle-exact blitter they run too fast in WinUAE, too.

Sadly Chui stripped cycle-exact emulation from blitter.c(pp) when he created UAE4All. It wasn't included in the new Symbian UAE4All (with AGA support) either.

As soon as UAE4All "2.0" is working well I'll try to add the cycle-exact blitting to our blitter.cpp and make it an option in the gui.
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I'd add the old "cycle-exact" mode which isn't as exact as the newest cycle-exact mode from latest WinUAEs so it shouldn't be very cpu-intense.
My assumption was a bit too optimistic:

Cycle-exact requires usually about 4x more host CPU power to emulate and it isn't just a switch but separate CPU core. (cpuemu_12.c = 68000 CE)

Still that doesn't necessarily mean the Pandora can't emulate Wings cycle-exact at 50fps. But I guess 600MHz probably won't cut it.
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