Release Mupen64 Config Testing

Did you change your firmware?

Have you altered or done anything different with your Pandora that might correlate with the emulator suddenly not working?
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Make a copy of your appdata folder.

Delete your appdata folder.

Insert your savegames.

Had to do this several times.
First of all...thank you all for the quick answers,,,,

I did upgrade the pandora os via wifi. I upgraded all the apps again via wifi and installed some new apps like the jedi knight outcast and the drastic 2.0.

Everything seems to be working fine except mupen.  After selecting the rom, i can hear the sound but i have a black screen.

So i would appreciate any help. 

P.S. I dont know much about the pandora :D
Did you change anything in the config menu? Like changing the resolution or like _jr_ said the gfx driver? If not having the wrong gfx driver can also break Mupen and cause the black screen effect, if this is the cause go here:

and change the driver to default.

Hope this helps, 

I feel for you every time I load up Perfect Dark and Goldeneye :)
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I forgot how to exit out of this emulator :blink:
OK...moron  :p button configuration works for this emulator at least for me.

Hard to hard reset.
I don't know if mapping will work.

add.........I mapped to Q and after pressing repeatedly I was able to exit out. But it would not exit upon one pressing.
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