The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


May 31, 2011
Cyberia (Wels Austria)
So Im not the best at digging for things on the net and often get lost and moved to Europe so most of my game websites dont cover this region. I was wondering, if anyone could answer this question.

I want to play some Elder Scrolls V as soon as I am possibly able on my US PS3 (no problem Sony made them region free) The issue for me is that I live in Austria and cant speak german any where well enough to get into ES V in German. So the question finally is, is there a way for me to know if this game is going to come out in English with German subtitles or pure German or both? Or do I basically have to wait until release day find out what it is and then order a game from the UK or something.

I know the game is still a bit off but, im getting way pumped up for this.

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@SONY: Does the game require you to be signed into Steam to play or can you still play offline after you've done the initial authentication?
Damn. Life on Linux is hard sometimes :(

From what I've read so far they did an excellent job of botching the PC interface and it appears to be as buggy as usual. Perhaps it will be a bit more enjoyable by the time I can play it.
Isn't that to be expected nowadays? I'll still play it regardless. Plus once the modding community digs into it eventually they will fix things Bethesda doesn't. The amount of space my mods for Oblivion take up outweigh vanilla Oblivion by gigabytes.
Whats wrong with the PC interface?

I only had 5 mins to play before my babies started crying and cut me off for the night (started at 2am last ight :p ), but what I noticed was.. opening a chest in the first starter bit, and I couldnt' figure out how to get out of the menu, IIRC. Try getting armor on etc.. could use WASD to move around the menu, but ESCape broughrt up the game options panel, instead of cancelling/finishing current option. Mouse click.. where to get out?

I hope to get more than 5 minutes next round.

But I'll love it; its Bethesda, and <heart>

Still haven't decided to purchase it yet. Wine compatibility listing shows rather mixed results. Instead, I've been checking some Let's play videos to get an impression of the game.

Here are my thoughts on it so far:

  • World & immersion
    Graphically, the game looks great.
  • The world (i.e. environment) feels dead and bland to me. Like a static decor of a play instead of a living environment.
  • This manifests itself in several aspects:
    - Aside from entities, few physics affected stuff (still also highlights the scriptedness of all that is effected).
    - Crafting, wood-cutting etc.. by picking from a menu rather than player controlled in the world itself (e.g. as in Ultima 7).
    - Overall low level of interaction with the environment.
    The more games tend to realistic graphics, the more this tends to bother me. Though it is typically less noticeable when you actually play the game yourself.
  • Music is great, good ambiance.
  • Character animations and faces are quite a bit better compared to Oblivion.
  • Characters repeat the same contextual sentences over and over again. E.g. 20 times "You need to leave" when you enter a house at night. (They should either attack/call guards or say it less often)
  • If a player chooses 1st person perspective, the game should NOT switch to 3rd person to show a finishing move.

  • Intro-sequence is too long or should be skippable.
  • Tutorial level restricts freedom too much (Oblivion had the same problem, Morrowind did this better).
  • Magic seems ridiculously powerful for even low-level characters.
    [edit]Oh boy, was I wrong on this one. At high level (+/- lvl 50) magic feels like waving around a flashlight[/edit]
  • Don't like the compass, hope you can turn it off or avoid using it.
  • [Too early to conclude] Seems to be lacking branching dialogue. E.g. character talks about a potential quest and you can only accept it, not reject.

    [edit]Seen some more, it's certainly not as bad as in Oblivion. Nice :) [/edit]
  • I don't agree with the simplification of armor pieces.
[*]Leveling system

  • Don't like the choice between Magicka, Health and Stamina (oversimplifies leveling, should be bound to stats).
  • Speaking of stats, where are they?
  • Perks. Nice idea, but perks points should only be allowed to be allocated to the skills that earned them. It seems like you need just the pre-requisite perks and sufficient perk points, but it's hard to tell for sure.
  • Less skills again? I hate the over-simplifications. I predict the next Elder Scrolls offers a total of three skills: combat, magic and stealth. <_<

  • Hate the look of the menus. They break the fourth wall.
  • Though they seem to be quite effective and efficient (PC).
  • The levelup menu is exactly the opposite: it looks great, but it doesn't provide an efficient overview of your character. Navigation between perks seems needlessly cumbersome.
  • No visual preview of equipped armor in the interface? Do you really need to equip it, exit, switch to 3rd person, check how it looks, switch back to 1st person and then go back into the menu again? That's an...odd choice.
  • Like the favourite/quick equip menu. Small, flexible and hotkeys support for muscle memory.
  • Crafting/enchanting/cooking etc. are all too much of a "pick from a list" interaction style. It would be much better if they had unique interfaces of their own.
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