E3 2018 - Now with BATTLETOADS


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Sep 15, 2015
North Carolina, USA
EA and Microsoft already had their E3 press conferences. Bethesda's will be Sunday at 6:30 PDT, or about 75 minutes from this post. Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony will have their conferences all on Monday PDT, and Nintendo's will be 9 AM PDT Tuesday.

So, hypest E3 news so far for you guys? It's gotta be the BATTLETOADS, right? ;)
[doublepost=1528686028,1528676147][/doublepost]Wooo, Elder Scrolls VI. It's like, they don't even have a title for it yet, but might as well announce it anyway, since we all know it's happening.

How about that Elder Scrolls: Blades though? Because I always wanted to play Elder Scrolls using a capacitive touchscreen. Nothing says refined combat like finger-painting.
Same for me I used to rush to watch the streams from MS, Sony etc etc but now just play retro & indie titles.
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It' because most of the new things seems just the same stuff you had already seen in the past...
It' because most of the new things seems just the same stuff you had already seen in the past...

That's nonsense. Bethesda's conference just debuted their first fully original IP in over 20 years, Starfield. And from what I hear, they have quite an original idea in the pipeline for 2038 too. >_>
It' because most of the new things seems just the same stuff you had already seen in the past...

LOL, so very true.

I pretty much watch now to see any CE of any worth get announced, as often stuff is offered online during the presentation. And for items that are truly "limited", that might be the only time to get said items. I also watch with my son, as he's way more in to it now than me, but it's cool to share gaming by watching these shows together. I would love to take him to a show, but unless they move E3 to Vegas(which would require some level of brains by someone in the know), it's unlikely to happen, as LA sucks in ways I can't begin to describe here. LOL

Maybe the only thing I'm somehow interested in is "Cyberpunk 2077", not for the game itself (because I'm pretty full of sci-fi games), but only because they made wonders with every single game they made... sometimes there isn't the need to see something new, but just something well made, with cure for the small details...
What's the point in E3? They're showing Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear Solid 4 which was showcased roughly an ice age before it was released. Tectonic plates move faster than him, it won't be out before 2020.

You've got Anthem, confirmed for early next year. You've got the already mentioned Bethesda stuff with barely any details. And the list goes on with a whole bunch of stuff that won't be out for ages.

God of War is out now, it's really good. Or if you don't like paying full price then Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing and currently on sale. Or if you really like Switch maybe Mario Odyssey. Or if you're a PC gamer, just look at the Steam front page, or GOG if that's you're thing. Point is there's loads of stuff out now, no point in buying into the hype machine of a bunch of stuff with loot boxes and micro-transactions.

Having said that...I'm gonna be all over Resident Evil 2 though
E3's always been about the hype; who cares about what's already in the shops, regardless of the price. But yeah, the dev cycles on current AAA stuff is a bit silly, when you get the feeling half of the stuff they're showing now probably won't hit until PS5/xbox2. It's not at all like the 90s where you could get hyped about a game in one E3, the magazines could promote it for the next few months, then a couple months fallow before the Edge review and oh, never mind.