Getting Fallout and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall working


Nov 11, 2010
I need some assistance getting Fallout and the Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall working on Dosbox. Fallout tells me that it can't run, and The Elder Scrolls:Daggerfall is giving me issues as well. I follow the mounting guide that comes with ES:DF, and it either tells me that it's already mounting or that it can't find the path. I've extracted the zip folder to /appdata/dosbox/games/df that gives me the dfcd and dagger folders. In both the C: and Z: directories, I use:

mount c c:/games -freesize 1000 (It either says it's already mounted, or can't find the directory)

mount d c:/games/df/dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall and that directory wasn't found either

As for Fallout, I'm not sure how to set that one up.

I've also tried mount /df/dfcd and mount /df/dagger , to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Can someone give me some pointers or maybe post their directories (either empty, so I can see how it's set up, or with the files) and .conf file?
Remember that both games will run rather slow. But yes, qemu is faster for fallout, but requires a bit of fiddeling with setting up a good image.
Hi here is a Testimage with Daggerfall,it should work but not playable.

No One tested it on a 1GHZ Pandora and on my Rebirth is it a Slideshow but work :)

You can try it,maybe you find a Solution for Speed up/optimizing like Command Entrys or Change Resolution


The Image is unpacked ~1GB Big and little Speedup in Qemu give in addidional Commands

-no-acpi -no-hpet -balloon none

The other Settings can you try ^_^

From Fallout i tested ever the Win95 Version have you a link to the MSDOS DEMOVERSION?

I found no Link for that :mellow:
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