Happy Birthday, Løra/Lolla!

Thank you all for your birthday posts. I very much appreciate them all (even DaMummy's :p ).

And thank you, HolySmoke, for making a birthday thread for me :)

*big huggles to you all* :D
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Oh i am late.. anyway.

Happy one-year-closer-to-wormfood day. 

I dont get why thats supposed to be happy tho...
It is a celebration of the birth of the individual.  Maybe it is to play up that the person survived another year.  It is happy because people are forced into paying attention to you, and sometimes they give you cool stuff.  
Happy belated birthday Lolla.

.... Though I admit I did sulk for all of 10 minutes last October when no-one noticed my b-day come and go.

It was a very short lived sulk because:

1) My b day is almost just another day to me.

2) I don't remember anyone else's b day... In 34 years I still haven't been able to memorize my own parent's b days.

3) I am passionately working on dissolving the Ego, so whenever I catch a part of me seeking attention, I send disapproving sniffs it's way.
Happy Birthday.  :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:

Happy belated Birthday too FaeMinx.  :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:
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