The "is Craigix A Reptilian Thread?"


Jun 13, 2006
Afterall he works with a dragon and is pretty cold blooded, loves chilled vodka, suns himself on roofs and despite shedding his skin in a head swap on a fairy, still had bags of appealling notions to our innermost desires for gadgets

Ergot poisoning aside, I vote that Craigix is clearly an alien overlord and his minions are involved in a carbon trading tax scam, to keep us all powering our f5 keys and the super made up oil brothers in business.

Don't heed his advice that LPG is the way to have already gone thousands of miles for his earthly partners university course, or how soon, he and Mr Tesla will ignore the fact they let Condi, Arnold and Obama ride Sir Clives' vision. No my fellow forum junkies make no mistake, for Craigix is the anti-christ and Alex Jones didnt beat me to the punchdrunksuperbowl on this one!

Please weigh in with your mighty and self empowering suggestions and evidence of reptillian behaviour* here (Condi is still working on a white paper on Osama, between shoe shopping during floods) and lets put this project in the real pre-orderers hands of the public once again.

Freedom from reptiles rocks like Repton once did

Shall I make a poll ?
Do a cannibal holocaust with it?

You decide.......

*Politics, religion, race, creeds, geographic locations, film references, mainstream news, tabloid content and personal opinion, on or off drugs (its an egg), are totally banned. As is lunar landing theories, photographic manipulation discussions, or useage of (except for obvious Craigix into Lizard opportunities) cults, media saturation of serious issues reduced to snackbites, cloudbusting other than Kates Bush, or the Lynmouth flood and how to make it rain menburgers and any other point you may attempt to make. Everything Israel is entirely on topic though and they already knew I was going to type that.
I believe he is a reptile. The one from the first batch. The Pandora logo confirms this as in greek it means 'Evil' which clearly is shadowed by ED the partner in crime. The guy below is also a reptile as he is using new alien technology to mirror his image into a pandora and also you can see it in his eyes a cold blooded look on his face,r:4,s:39

And i have just looked further into the photo above it seems this guy only has 2 fingers which clearly is abnormal in comparison to a human hand
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After further inspection it seems the guy in the photo has one ear (How abnormal Genetics). Also there seems to be a telephone wire from this world connected to the pandora console, which clearly shows the guy is communicating outside the Earth and maybe into another Galaxy or world.

Perhaps the Pandora's are being delivered from another planet thats why they are taking so long to come, Surely with all that alien technology they must have next hour RM delivery. Hey you never know up there somewhere a reptile has created a Dreamcast emulater on the Pandora running at 100MHZ,r:4,s:39
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I don't know but I overheard Sara Palin talking about the Pandora.

"Those foreign commies in the Uk also to therefore created this evildoer device also then makes emulators and illegal other subversive roms for emulation device"

"I can't see Craig from Alaska so I will not trust and I think he might be a reptile and is working with the Kenyan Obama to produce anti-American device to also take jobs from America by making it play free games"

"He will try to put the American companies like Nintendo and Sony out of business by giving away pinko games for Pandora also and turn people into liberals and is sold by an Evil Dragon"
Reptilians are native Earthians.
Humans are a artificial-immigrated humanoid species.

I tought everybody knew the reptilian agenda.
Xmoon said:
Reptilians are native Earthians.
Humans are a artificial-immigrated humanoid species.

I tought everybody knew the reptilian agenda.

From what i was told to believe the reptilian race came to earth in ancient times and were believed to be 'gods', they then mated with the earth women creating a reptilian hybrid, then as these hybrids were seen as the children of the gods they were put into positions of power, ie the royal bloodline, so if craig is a reptilian he can jolly well f**k off back to the underground basement of denver airport where the rest of them live
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