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Aug 28, 2010
Well, I'm always careful with subtopics... I've got the feeling they often go overlooked, which is probably not what we want with stuff like the Android section where there'll probably be a lot of discussion.

I'm not really going to tell you what to do. I'd personally consider these forums being used by mods to channel the commonly discussed topics from the other forums to keep them free from "clutter".

The following drops the forums from 10 to 7 on the front page while opening up discussion. I've tried to give the forum a flow. From high traffic to low traffic

1) Official OpenPandora news (Official communication)

2) General Talk (Discussion with end users)

- Newbie Corner (We need a place for new people to come and ask questions in a safe environment. We'll need some knights of New :D )

3) Support (support should be higher (not sixth) because it's the first port of call for problems)

4) Superzaxxon OS (we discuss the default OS)

- Other OS (we discuss the community OSes - The unofficial OSes has 30 threads)

- Android (android has 50 posts.. sub material)

5) Software News (Releases are the life blood and People will continue to show off their work)

6) Beta (preview releases need love too and the preview of future releases will excite the community.)

7) Development (I'm not a dev, but I figure this is working out)

- subs

8) 1GHz units

9) Pandora 2 Spam (Here be dragons - Please sticky that thread about the "things we know". Please mod people who cause problems by raging over unknowns)
That's entirely up to you. I think there is enough interest in android for a forum. and enough interest in using the pandora as a Linux device separate from the packages offered as PNDs to need a new otheros forum. BUT I doubt they'll generate hundreds of threads. Android isn't a first class citizen on the Pandora, and lots of topics will be waiting for something to continue development.

Would this work for the community?

Edit: Being a total opinionated bastard, I actually like the above layout. please consider.
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The distinction between "Software News" and "Beta" is somewhat arbitrary. I'd keep only "Software News"; if some project is too immature to be discussed there, the dev forum is OK.
The distinction between "Software News" and "Beta" is somewhat arbitrary. I'd keep only "Software News"; if some project is too immature to be discussed there, the dev forum is OK.

That's true. but beta does have more topics than releases :)
... yes?

I still don't know whether it's good or not to join software news and beta testing or not...

And I try to not use too many subforums, as these are not as comfortable to use as the main forums.
Well if we joined software / Beta testing we could tag things with BETA.. for example:

Bobben's Kangaroo Catcher would become BETA: Bobben's Kangaroo Catcher **

** Not a real game.
Just ideas.. My major point is most of the forums are not being touched.. so reshuffling from popular to unpopular ;)

I guess most of it isn't really important. BUT Id really like a "Newbie Corner" and/or Support higher in the order.

I'll happily spend time being friendly in the newbie corner :)

edit: I don't think we should join the beta and the release news.
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