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Fine, I guess I will use this thread the right way for a minute.

I have been checking my blood pressure and stuff at the things you find in pharmacies and stores. It has been in the prehypertension area since I started doing this a few months ago, and often my pulse is very high for me. Even if I try to relax and test again these things stay high. When I went to get checked out by my doctor I mentioned it. I don't remember what my numbers were, but he agreed that it was a bit high, but nothing to worry about yet, so he ordered me a blood pressure cuff. I was hoping for one of the squeeze ball type, as I always thought they were cool, but when it came in yesterday it turned out to be an electronic one, and it does my pulse, which I always have doubts about when I check manually.

I did my first check with it a little while ago, and compared it to a chart. It is within the normal range, a few points below the upper threshold on each. Not great, but now I am not as worried. Even my pulse was about 30bpm before the highs I usually get when out, although still higher than the 60s I prefer. I have some pretty severe mental stuff I am trying to take care of (even using medication, as is so popular in my country, despite my aversion to it). One aspect of that is some anxiety, with definite social aspects, so it becomes problematic in places like stores. Maybe that is what causes my bp to appear a bit too high when I have been checking it. I plan on keeping a log of it, and it is starting off ok. I was even a bit emotionally stressed at the time.

The outdoor cats that live around me have been more visible lately. Since I saw one of the white ones drinking kinda dirty rain water out of a container I use for my gardening stuff we have been providing them with clean water and food everyday. That white cat was making regular visits, then showed it to the other white cat, so every night lately they have been hanging out on our front porch and eating and drinking. I have seen the dark striped cat out more, but never eating and drinking on the porch. Last night (when I went to get my blood pressure cuff) I saw it out there near some shrubs, and it approached us, meowing, then vanished. We were also going out to pick up some cheap cat food (the stuff we feed the indoor cats is better quality, and on the expensive side). So, all the cats, including the really scared white one, have been less afraid of us since we have been talking to them more and telling them when we put out fresh food and water. I want them to stay afraid of other humans for safety reasons (one of our indoor cats still has a BB in his neck from the neighborhood we used to live in before we brought him in) and am a bit concerned since they are coming up to us now (although no closer than 5 feet or so). We really can't bring them in, so they need to stay where they are until we move to a far less populated area, and bring them with us. I have been thinking about the best way to give them a dry, warmish, safe place to sleep behind the bushes next to the porch, or something like that. I am open to suggestions for that.

While we were trying to pick the last harmful of the cheap foods, as the store we went to didn't have anything but the really bad stuff, there were some people over there getting a bunch of cat stuff. They noticed us comparing all the foods, so they asked us a couple questions, then told us they just got some cats and don't know much about caring for them. We gave general info and tips (like you don't need to spend tons of money, as they may enjoy cardboard boxes and string, pens, etc. more than that $40 bed and $20 toy). They ended up getting the basics, and will decide on things like catnip later. It turned out they had them with them. They were a pair of kittens. Sadly, this is at least their third home, as this family got them from someone else who got them from someone else. Their attitude and concern seemed good, so maybe they have a permanent home and a good family. We also suggested things like getting them neutered, as they are both males and they might start trying to mark their territory and such (also, if they get out, or are allowed out, it reduces the chances of them making more stay cats, but I didn't mention that). Afterward I realized I neglected to suggest giving them collars with bells to avoid tripping over them. I also could have touched on the topic of cats and outdoors. That is a huge topic, and depends on the individual cat, I just don't want them getting hurt or injured. It would also suck for the girl that they are pets of if something bad happened to them. I wish I could save all the animals.
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I've put some things in our garden so cats could enjoy themselves there. A dark plastic crate to put stuff in (nice to sleep on as it's mostly dry and warm), a wooden table (gives shade and cover for a bit of rain), a large dark stone tile (stays warm after a sunny day) with a basket on top (cause they're cats, they like baskets) and a bowl filled with water (for drinking). My garden is surrounded with a fence so I guess that already keeps other people/animals away, sounds like you might have a bigger garden.
I also have a shed with a cat-door in the door. Inside I put a cardboard box (for sleeping), chair with a fleece blanket on it and a bowl of water and one for food.

Measuring your blood pressure yourself can be reassuring as you can measure when you have the feeling it might be to high (and see it isn't). The automatic ones can be pretty accurate, I compare one I got for cheap to the results the 'real' on used by our hospital and they matched pretty well (conclusion by the doctor). Since that visit I've learned your blood pressure can go pretty amazing high (300+) which is obviously unhealthy.
Yeah, I don't think there is a real need for concern with my blood pressure and all that now that I have been watching it. Higher than I prefer, but usually within the normal range. I need to try to be healthier in general, so this can be just another series of days points while I am working on everything else.

The outside cats seem to be doing fine, although I still see them more than I used to (one was several houses down the street, ducking behind a business on a high traffic main road...). They need to hide more so they don't get snatched or hurt. I might make them a little hut for winter with a blanket or something and a heating pad. I just don't want the white ones keeping the striped one away, or the striped one to be scared since the others are in it or around.

I actually just got back from taking one cat and dog to the doctor. The cat (the big guy with a thing in his neck mentioned above) was going in because his anxiety has been so bad since the others started hanging around. It has been bad since we first saw him outside, and we have tried for years since we brought him in, even trying to give him his own private space and other things, but he is still uncomfortable with other cats around. Lately he has just been running around to all the windows to look for the outside cats so he can yell at them. The dog was our old lady, and we wanted to get her something to help with her arthritis. They are both in pretty good condition otherwise.
I purchased a cardigan recently and didn't feel ashamed of myself, I feel so old. :(
This is the wrong thread. I believe you were the one that started the thread about recent purchases.

Imagine how I felt the other day when, upon being given slippers as a surprise gift and trying them on, I noticed I was standing there in a robe and slippers, with a cane.
RIP my IRC days. :(

It was fun while it lasted. Maybe I'll actually be able to get back to coding now.
[doublepost=1515978995,1515972407][/doublepost]Man, I tried going back just now and Wally kicked me after one medium length sentence, I kid you not.

I mean, maybe it would've helped if I hadn't have insulted the Pyra itself... >_>
[doublepost=1515979424][/doublepost]Meh, I don't need you guys anyway. I'll go make my own Pyra, with hookers and blackjack.

I mean, it will probably end up being an RPi in a wonky 3D printed case, but isn't everything these days?
@Wally, do it! Here is your banhammer. :p

Maybe I should check in and see if I can be made an option, then I will make everyone I recognize one, then demote myself. Yes! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
It's not like I liked IRC anyway, b-b-baka! I was just hanging out there for everyone else's benefit.

I mean, if you all invited me back, I guess I could return... But not because I want to or anything.

Coincidentally, I just happened to have this extra lunch left over when I made lunch. You guys can have it, but only so it doesn't go to waste.
[doublepost=1516016215,1515988645][/doublepost]Well, that's weird, I was let back in there after 1 AM EST last night and left of my own accord around 3 AM. Now the ban's back on and I don't know why.

Are you guys trying to get my goat? Because you've got my goat. My goat is yours, and it's slightly peeved.
Just so you guys know, I'm not taking this sitting down. My revenge is coming!

Well, actually, I talked it over with sebt3, and I'm just gonna go see my psych before attempting to get reinstated in the Pyra IRC channel.

(I wonder if they bought that last part. Now, where did I place that RPi?)
[doublepost=1516042532,1516034875][/doublepost]Ha! My revenge has already begun! I found a free Steam game on the internet, but I won't be able to tell cryptonix2 or the rest of you where it is since I can't get into the Pyra IRC channel. It's not like there's any other way I could communicate it to you.

P.S. Don't check Humble Store.

P.P.S. The real revenge comes when you find out the game has no Linux support. Mwahaha!
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