Thank you to the moderators!

Really, saying 'there's this thing that I'm really not happy about, but I'm not going to talk about it here' is pretty much a classic thread hijack if ever I saw one ;)
Why the hell are you criticizing me for standing up for somebody? I had thought that I had made it sufficiently clear that I was trying to /prevent/ crashing this thread in the process, but i /had/ to mention my experiences because I thought that somebody was being portraied as being unsubstantial. What should I have done instead? If you can tell me a better way, I'll be happy to learn (but /not/ in this thread please). Otherwise, I would do it again, in the same way.
Where should we reply?

I saw a few of the mods standing on a corner and looking at me in a threatening manner. Thanks for not kicking my ass.
I, for one, am very glad the collective effort to keep the place polite and tidy hasn't gone unnoticed. Thanks everyone :)

As for the less positive comments above, I'm not sure if it would be more ironic to split them, or to leave them here. Especially now we've moved on to meta-complaints...
I bet you have no idea what we're talking about..
Probably not (unless it is what Google suggests when typing it in, which seems to fit the discussion). That doesn't stop me from talking shit about another English speaking country, or mods being abusive. ;)
All good intentions on the internet shall be crushed.

It appears that the purpose of this thread has been derailed. As stated, the purpose is to thank the moderators.

Those who feel a compelling need to express personal grievances should probably address those in PMs with the specific moderator or, if you absolutely must, @EvilDragon. To derail this clearly well intended effort is, clearly, inappropriate.

If you have any issues with my above statement and feel a compelling need to berate me for my lack of compassion for your personal need to vent your frustrations, please take it to PM.

Man toasts: "Here's to the bartender!"
Guy in corner: "No! He didn't give me an umbrella in my drink and I feel that I should have had an umbrella. Just because I never tip he treats me like..."

Priest asks: "Is there anyone present with a reason these two should not wed?"
Guy in corner: "She wouldn't give me the time of day! Clearly she's a bad person and he's an idiot..."

Minister requests: "At this time in the funeral, would anyone like to share a personal story of the deceased?"
Guy in corner: "The guy was a cheap bastard with no concern for others. He wouldn't even loan me another $100 after I told him why I didn't pay back because times are hard and..."

Don't be that guy.

Now, back on topic: Thank you to our moderators and their incredibly tolerant natures - clearly you have to put up with a LOT of nonsense beyond spam and thread parsing.
Yeah, like Grench said, stop posting off topic stuff. We are better than the rest of the interwebs. Stop being inappropriate. Don't be that guy.

Mods, thanks for giving me permission to do whatever I want as long as it would be okay with my grandmother. Also, please stop sending threatening parcels to my house. I appreciate the spare ear and fingers, but I don't know this "Bob" person.