Thank you to the moderators!

Is that why they rely on fear and intimidation to keep everyone here subdued? A simple look at this thread shows that people are afraid to speak out against them, or not give them praise. Don't let those that have vanished have suffered in vain. Remember their sacrifice. The mods can't stop us all.
Say what you want to draw attention away from your abuse of the users. You may be able to ban me, but someone else will eventually call attention to what the mods are doing.
I found the conspiracy theorist...
I also disagree with the moderation of this forum. Notably, I would never think of this forum as being "organized", it's really hard to keep track of anything in here.

I just don't normally speak about this. Back when I did try to make suggestions about it, some of the people who are in the moderators group treated me like they had granted me the mercy of being allowed to talk to them, and I don't know why, but I ended up receiving a warning point for pushing that a specific convenience feature of this forum be disabled due to security issues (that was here: the problem is gone now; see also: ).

But you already knew that. If you're not interested in my opinion about the moderation in particular for some reason, fine, it's you who have to live with the effects of your moderation policy (but it's still a pity for everyone who doesn't spend lots of time here). However, if you declare somebody else whom you disagree with as "conspiracy theorist", stepping onto a path that would degrade that person, effectively belittling whatever it is that that person had to say, then I will publically call you out for it, because I do not think that that is correct coming from a moderator, and neither would it help anything.
I've read your post, christoph, and both of your links but it's still not clear to me what you think moderators are doing or not doing that you disagree with. The only thing I could identify looks like a forum configuration issue, which is ED's job, not the mods.

Also, it's generally best if you assume anything Wally posts is a joke.
Same for my posts, especially all of them in this thread. I am pretty sure the moderators know how I really feel about them. If the worst thing I am called today is a conspiracy theorist then today is a great day for me. I kinda wanted the moderators to play along, but they are probably too busy taking care of all the important shit when they swing by.
[doublepost=1484353158,1484352924][/doublepost](Sometimes I wish we had the old Wally moderation style again. The mods are even more lenient collectively now that he backed off.)
Notice how the moderators didn't ban him or delete the thread/posts, and they kindly moved the off topic stuff in the other thread to a new thread.
Crystal clear no ads no spam everything in life and web should be.
Thanks Mods, your work is not behind curtains to me. :)
Then @Wally please accept my apology over what I've written here. When somebody says things like those that @rygD wrote here, I will not assume that it was a joke, especially not if it was in written form. @levi I didn't want to go into details here, this is not the right place for that.
For the record, I don't think it is possible for users of a forum to be treated anything like the people of North Korea by moderators, a revolt against moderators would be futile.

I won't bore you with why I do things like this, as even this example has many reasons. You might want to reconsider blindly accepting what someone says, whether negative or positive. Also, the loudest person isn't always "right".
Thank you, but I do never blindly accept what anyone says. If you re-read this thread, you'll notice that I've written exclusively about: a) Something that pertains exclusively to my own past experiences on this forum and 2) Something that pertains exclusively to an occurrence that is encapsulated in this very thread, and can thus be assessed by any individual person who can read it.
@Christoph.Krn : This is the "thank you moderators" thread... if you don't thank them, you are OT !! The worst evil thing that someone can do on the internet !! :-||

Go away from here and open your "Complaints for the moderators" thread !! :p