Test-Run of the 1GHz Pandoras happens today (2012-07-05)


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Mar 4, 2003
Some of you might've realized that I'm currently pretty busy... waiting for eMail replies from me, not much official news here, etc.

Well, I'm working on all of that. My shop will soon receive an update where RMAs and contact stuff is handled through a ticket system - which helps a lot, as my helpers can then also reply to questions and issues, so this should speed things up.

I've also improved the RMA system so I can check immediately what units I got here and what the status is. You'll also receive a mail when your unit arrives here.

Well, that's just some background information on what I'm working on right now... let's go to the news you've been waiting for:

The 1GHz Pandora Test run!

Global Components grabbed the DM3730 today, which means the test run will happen tomorrow.

In this first run, 80 PCBs will be populated using four different strategies (20 units each).

First, these PCBs will be tested for functionality. It might be that 15 out of 20 will not boot up with one strategy, that's why they're trying different ways to populate them.

Hopefully one of those strategies will lead to proper way of production (with a low failure rate), so we can continue with the remaining ones shortly after.

Some of these PCBs will also be x-rayed to make sure the production is as perfect as possible.

The DM3730 behaves a bit different than the OMAP. It's a bit lighter and bends a bit more easy.

That's why it's basically a completely new setup - not an easy task, but I'm sure GC can handle it fine.

Now you can imagine why the test run is that expensive: It might be that 50 out of those 80 PCBs won't work, so these are basically 50x180 EUR we can throw away... well, let's hope it won't come to that.

I can't speak for Craig (as I don't know the exact amount of 1GHz upgrades he got), but with the upgrades I got in my shop so far (without even ASKING my remaining old customers if they want to upgrade), I can fund 20 more units for classic preorders already. And as the upgraders are also classic preorders, they also are being removed from the queue.

So my upgrades alone help advancing the queue by 40 places :)

Pandora at the GamesCom

I mentioned it in a thread already, but I thought I could post it here as well.

The Pandora will have it's own area in the retro hall of the GamesCom in Cologne this year!

We'll have 14 units ready to be played lying around as well as some other stuff I sell (like Retrodes, Everdrives, etc.)

I'll have giveaways (probably T-Shirts, pens, etc.) and will be there the whole time in case you want to have some chat with me.

If someone here wants to volunteer to help me out running the booth (answering questions, take care nothing gets stolen, etc.), let me know. You can stay the full time for free.

You are very welcome to pay us a visit here. The GamesCom has about 200,000 visitors each year, so this will make the Pandora a bit more popular.

More information about the GamesCom can be found at the official website.

So much for my quick newspost - feel free to ask here if you have further questions.
Yay !

Great news !

I'm curious about the four different ways, is it a different populating order, different oven temperatures, different incantations... ? ^^

And the OPs will be X-rated ? Wow, that's SO HOT !

I'm ok to help in Cologne. I can stay the 5 days if it's useful to be here the 1st one. I can bring my brand new picoprojector and some other stuff.
1 GH, we're coming!

Will there be any comparison program with the OMAP?

I want to see improvements :D .
Fingers crossed for the tests, I, like Ed, am really looking forward to 1Ghz sales and cutting the old queue down to nothing.

I hope Eds post explains the test run well enough for Exophase.
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Pandora at the GamesCom

I mentioned it in a thread already, but I thought I could post it here as well.

The Pandora will have it's own area in the retro hall of the GamesCom in Cologne this year!

Can you tell where the pandora booth is located exactly? Is it in the business area as last time or is it an "official" booth for all customers? If yes, which hall is it?
Sounds great.

I volunteer to help out with the booth, but I probably cannot be there for the whole 4 days due to exams, rather just one or two days.

Would like to see some faces of the community, anyone here planning on attending?
Yeah :D , fingers crossed!

Send me a good one :D :D il test the **** out of it.

Also looking forward to the sd2snes!
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ive got some fair stand experience and would love to help out. gotta take care of a newborn tho, dunno if ill make it.

with 14 units on display you should most def secure them with kensington locks (or something similar). we lost quite a few ipads thinking we could keep a close watch on em. bottom line is: you cant.
Thanks for the update ED & best of luck with the test run, great to hear of progress being made on many levels. :)
This is great news, ED, hope the test run works out and you guys don't lose too many chips! I know we're all looking forward to the queue emptying as well. ;)

And to everyone who's making it to GamesCom, take lots of pics and videos! I want to live vicariously through you!
I want to help you in Cologne :)

I can bring my ICP with an iPhone 4 and hopefully my 1GHz Pandora:)
Hope we'll get an update at the end of the day to see what progress was made! :)
Hope we'll get an update at the end of the day to see what progress was made! :)

Not sure I'll have one at the end of the day, as testing 80 PCBs will take a while.

But I'll let you know as soon as I get more info :)
whatever progress is made, I know for one I'd like to hear about it. It's very interesting to get these insights into production of such devices, we're not likely to ever hear about them for any other product in real-time like this! I'm always wishing the best of luck to all concerned (and not just coz I'm no.#25 in the queue!! ;) ) :D