Rebirth Competition - Summary of Entries


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Aug 30, 2010
With less than a month to go until the submission date for the rebirth competition I thought it might be nice to have an easy way to see what people are planning to enter.

So here goes, in alphabetical order :

Bennu 3D from Geca : The BennuGD now with the 3D version, to create easily powerful and fast coder 3D Games for your Pandora, with Bennu syntax programming language.

Caph from Liboicl : A port of a physics game called Caph. The objective of the game is to draw objects (solid wire, rope, and bendable wire) to make the red and green objects come into contact.

Deadly Caves from Hahahoj & Andrew Ferr : A game based on the "AAAA" game source.

Dino Defense from iprice : A platform based Tower Defense game starring cavemen and dinosaurs.

Fall to win from zip : The gameplay is something like "epic freefall" +"icy tower" reverse concept.

Flashmenu from sirthunder516 : A Picklelauncher alternative. It has a nice amount of features: right click, saving paths to files (as in having a "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" type of section, and support for multiple file types with multiple programs.

Flyer Barage from relliker : A simple shooter with moving targets who have a purpose!

Hedgewars from willrandship : Open source Worms like.

Hurrican from Pickle : Pandora port of an updated version of Turrican 2.

Maze of Nightmares from Chosen : An original, first-person perspective 3D, single-player, action-adventure game.

No Bugs Allowed from Shpuld : A Quake mod where 'you are a space badass, you know, that guy who is the only one alive after alien invasion, kicking butts 24/7. Anyway, you run around in dark corridors shooting the crap out of countless waves of aliens.'

OpenFire from Binky & RRGreen : An original strategy-artillery game written with SDL [full announcement coming soon]

Pandora Overlay Menu from WizardStan : A replacement for the zenity menu that displays a list of running PND processes so that you can kill them. This works with Notaz's new SDL, and 3D apps, not just windowed applications.

Pengyne from Jorgon : A game engine, written in c/c++ that uses a built in python interpreter for the game code.

PND Management Suite from B-Zar & Cloudef : A package management (install/remove/upgrade/browse) solution for PNDs, consists of four separate parts: pndman, qtpndman, milkyhelper and PNDManager.

Pstorytime from ankan : An audiobook player.

Qemu from Mcobit & IngoReis : Allows you to run legacy windows software on Pandora with a far superior performance to Dosbox.

SL4P from Linux-SWAT : Slackware for Pandora, a new up-to-date Linux OS for Open Pandora.

Schwerkraft from Ziz : A game about gravity (like slingShot), but written in C with sparrow3D (surprise!). You control a ship and want to shoot the opponents ship. But your projectile is redirected by gravity.

Sqr.Island from mrz : A Jump'N'Run platformer.

The Collector Plus from pmprog : A non-violent team-based Collect 'Em Up.

Whitespace from whynod : It is kind of a drawing program, but only black and white and with endless space to draw. Whitespace is a collaborative "painting" tool. Everyone using it draws on the same huge surface that is synchronized instantly with a server. Being online is required to draw.

Wicket, wizard in trouble from Clop : A retro-looking platform/puzzle 2D game, kind of a crossover between Portile, Chip's challenge and weird ideas. You play a wizard which only power is to generate two portals, linking two places together.


Please don't be offended if I've missed you off the list or got something wrong, just post on this thread / PM me and I'll edit the list. Likewise, if you don't want to be on the list just post / PM me and I'll remove the relevant entry.

It's appreciated that the best place for this list would be on the first post of the Rebirth Thread in the news section but my guess is that ED has enough on his plate at the moment. ;)

Is it just me or does that look like a highly impressive list of entries? It sure is a good time to be a Pandorian, roll on March 31st! :D
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They all looking very good yes. That Bennu 3D clip looks like some great things could be done with it
Good idea, Mr_Loon. There are already some entries I totally missed!
Perhaps mention that whitespace has a networking element?

Cheers Moz, but this is what Zuk says in the first post :

'This isn't going to leave me time to finish it for the compitition, so I figured I'd try to start getting help with this now.'

Not sure if that has changed as progress certainly seems to have been made, I'll await confirmation form Zuk before adding it to the list.

@ PokeParadox : Just out of curiosity, what were you thinking of entering with?
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Not sure... :p

I have a few projects I'm working on.

If PenjinTwo was end-user friendly, I could have entered that...

Also I touched on the idea of Getting more of PirateBaby finished.

And I also have my evolutionary Shapes score attack game that I could have tried to finish for the compo.

In any case most things require me to finish current code restructuring in PenjinTwo so this is why I doubt I'll have anything to enter.
I've not posted any info on my game yet - Dino Defense. It's a platform based Tower Defense game starring cavemen and dinosaurs.

It's shaping up nicely, but there's a long way to go - especially in the gfx dept,

Here's an early screenie -

Thanks iprice, loving the look of Dino Defense, those cavemen sprites are superb. I've added it to the list in the first post.

Great to see such a long list of high quality entries, it sure is going to be hard to pick a winner.
Just added another couple of entries, deadly caves & pstorytime.

Good luck to all the entrants, hope things come together in the next 3 1/2 weeks. :)
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You've typo'd Xenoblast.

Thanks for the list. Nice to see a lot of entries
Hey, making this list was a great idea. Could you switch the name of my game/mod to "No Bugs Allowed"? I know I haven't posted updates on these forums in a long time, but I'm still developing it. I have posted updates only on my ModDB ( for a while, since it's not Pandora exclusive.
I hereby present my humble little Rebirth shooter called "Flyer Barrage". It's mostly finished and undergoing testing and final tweaks.


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I'm genuinely blown away by the quality & breadth of the entries for the rebirth competition. Congrats to ED for organising it, everyone who offered a prize & of course to everyone who submits an entry.

There is however, an obvious winner :

anyone who owns a Pandora

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