Psp Has Arrived

Thug 2, Ape Escape, Lumines, Metal Gear Acid and Twisted metal are definately great games. If those don't appeal stick with a DS
kotd - on your advice went and picked up Twisted Metal yesterday... definately lots of fun, this one, a bit more fun than Wipeout, for sure ;) but dammit why haven't these developers figured out not to make the games so damn dark all the time? This is another one like Untold Legends that you need to be in moderate to dim lighting to see it well on some levels... forget playing it outside on a bright day! Some levels are very bright but others like Paris were too dark and I had to run the system at the brightest setting in my office with overhead flourescent lighting.

Bad luck has struck me and my PSP twice in two days :( yesterday I dropped it from about 3 feet as I was setting down my stuff when I got home from work... it was in the slip case that comes with the value pack... no harm done to the system but the jolt shook loose a not-seen-before HUGE spec of dust on the inside of the screen... worse than a dead pixel as this was highly visible in almost all conditions and was as large as three pixels lined up next to each other... annoying. Then, tonite lightning struck twice... had the system up on the desk charging, and I guess I yanked the cord of the adapter... the system hit the plastic mat (the ones you use for office chairs) face first... lovely. Put a nice little ding smack dead center of the screen :( however... it also shook that 3 pixel big piece of dust back loose and now that has vanished... not sure if that's a good trade or not :(

So far the system holding up fine but I'm bummed even if it's only a small ding it's right in the f'ing middle... just perfect. Curse you Sony and your non folding design ways!!!
Thug 2, Ape Escape, Lumines, Metal Gear Acid and Twisted metal are definately great games. If those don't appeal stick with a DS

i'm having a bit of trouble getting into THUG2

i think its because there now is just far far far too much to do on any one level. with the first THUG you could at least select your mission from a list and go straight into it, constantly skating around to find challenges is getting very irksome.

i started a classic career and i'm finding that more bearable!
heheh me too I couldn't play the underground mode really... so went straight to classic mode and having a lot more fun of it now :)
i think i'm gonna pick one up on thursday. my fiances little sister bought one and i'm gonna go try it out tomorrow so that will be my ultimate deciding factor.
bast525 posted on Apr 19 2005 at 11:38 AM said:
I couldn't play the underground mode really

Not surprising really as its shit THUG ruined the THPS series and THUG2 is only marginally better. THPS4 was far better than THUG or THUG2
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yep THPS 4 was pretty good... well if you play THUG 2 in classic mode it plays just like all the earlier TH's....
c0ncept posted on Apr 20 2005 at 06:50 AM said:
classic mode for THUG was just rehashed levels from the old games wasn't it?


as far as i can tell its the same levels as the story mode just with different challenges
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bast525 posted on Apr 19 2005 at 06:29 AM said:
Seems to me you guys refuse to listen to ANYONE who says the PSP is better, period.
Or rather I think it's too early to be saying the PSP is better solely because of the DS's bad launch line-up. It'll have new games to meet the PSP's Europe release.
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Hence why I always say the PSP is better AT LEAST FOR RIGHT NOW...

How can you say that it's too early to form an oppinion about this?? On any given day from day one something has got to be better, sure that can change order at any time, and maybe the DS will end up being better and 'winning' this war, but for right now, based on hardware and software that's available, my oppinion is that the PSP is better.

In the end I dont' care which ends up being better or selling better I just want games!
first of all, i don't want to start another war, i DO own a DS and I will own a PSP tomorrow, but the PSP is probably going to have better 3rd party support than the DS which should be a big factor in the type and quality of games that are made for each system. Plus the power factor.


1 67mhz processor and 1 33mhz processor
4 mb of main memory ram
656kb of video ram
2 3" backlit screens


1 333mhz processor
32mb of main memory ram
4mb of DRAM
4.3" screen

I don't even think it's fair that these systems are competing together and it's Nintendo's own fault that the DS is being made out like a kiddy system or like a system that can't even pull in GBA graphic type games, see screen pics of Star Wars Episode III. I just don't see what Nintendo is waiting for, are they waiting for everyone to trade in their DS for PSP and then release some awesome games?
one of the main reasons i didn't get a psp is because of the controls. yup, you may think i'm sad but what was the point in puting the analog stick on the left side. how the fuck are you surposed to play FPS prop with that. and it could of had some really good ones to. That for me was they're fatal mistake. Although i am loving my ds and hope to be picking up Electroplankton, Polarium or Meteos soon.
truth is PSP is by far the prettiest handheld made so far but i think the main idea was the grafics and not the gameplay. i may be wrong but there you go.
It's ironic since I had no problem playing a FPS on an N64 controller in the past, and it was far from proper :p

And I hate that old "Nintendo has always been gameplay, everyone else has always been graphics" crap, it's so tired and old my great great great great great great great great great great great great grand father first heard it while playing his stone atari in his mud hut, right before breaking his flint hip after falling off of his brotosaur.
Some bits of kit have an X factor that goes beyond the usability of the kit itself. About two years ago I went on holiday with a couple of mates and one had a Casio EX-S1 camera. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one, so when I got back I bought an EX-M2 (higher res and built in MP3 player). Even now, nearly two years on, when I take the thing out to take a photo people instantly say “Oooh, what’s that?! Can I have a look?”. You would think that with all the camera phones that are knocking about people wouldn’t be impressed at all, but there’s something about it that people just go for.

I suspect that the PSP has this same X factor. Right now there doesn’t seem to be much between the PSP and DS in terms of games but for some reason the PSP seems to be much more jaw-dropping (see Axeman’s first post). As much as I tell myself that “if I got a PSP I’d never take it out of the house and I already have a PS2 so why bother?”, I still really want one.

At first glance it seems that this X factor is going to guarantee the PSP’s success, but that might not be the case… Sony make a whopping loss on each PSP they sell and if shed-loads of people get pulled in by the X factor and buy one simply because it’s THE thing to have (ie it becomes the new iPod) and then they don’t buy many games for it, Sony will end up making very little.

yes thats correct, but as with the PS2 you can almost count on the PSP having a boatload of 3rd party support. Thats where the money comes in from, software. And based on a "what would I do" attitude, if i was a third party developer, which system would I develop for, PSP or DS, the choice would be easy, the system with more power. The best thing that Nintendo can do, and only because it's worked for them in the past, is just start porting N64 games to the DS. Look how well the games sold for the GBA when they ported Mario Kart, Mario 3, Zelda III, and Mario World. The N64 had good graphics, and the DS has shown it can do N64 graphics but 1 game isn't enough and most of the other games i've seen aren't that impressive. Yes gameplay is very important but so is "eye candy"

EDIT: I would buy in a heartbeat DS versions of Perfect Dark, GoldenEye and I bet that many many other people would as well and I'm suprised a game like GoldenEye hasn't already been released.
KickinWing posted on Apr 20 2005 at 02:34 PM said:
if i was a third party developer, which system would I develop for, PSP or DS, the choice would be easy, the system with more power.

Third party dev's don't really go for the one witht he most power though, they go for the console/handheld which has the most users.
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I think Nintendo's own comments about the DS being an almost 'stopgap' until the next Gameboy and with the release of the Nintendo video and music software show that even Nintendo themselves dont consider the DS a competitor to the PSP.