Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

I got home late last night, I would have posted but was so exhausted from the journey back I literally just conked out. I thouroughly enjoyed myself, had a great time at Replay, it was great to meet fellow Pandorians and the team in person. Everybody was really cool an it was a good laugh. Many thanks to Ed for his on the spot replacement of my lcd ribbon. It was painful to watch at times :lol: but totally worth it. He did it in record time too, kicking myself for not filming it with a timer now! An thanks also to Mr Loon for the nametags, I saw a few still on the table, did everyone eventually make it to get them? I think the pandora made a big impression, everyone who came by to see it seemed really impressed with it, lots of 'wows' and 'thats amazing' comments. The last thing i saw just as i was leaving was the pandora on the big screen on the main stage, so I think it generated a ton of interest! Sorry I couldn't make the pub afterwards btw :/ I was there with another 3 other folk who had other plans, so I had to go with the flow to the charity bash, did have a nice chat with jon hare there tho! (Mr Sensible Software)
Here are a few too add to Milkshakes...






Also a video of MONOW and pmprog on Dance Mat...
Good reason not to buy a Mac again? ;) I would prefer some Toughbook thingy, expencive but it should last much longer than any Mac Book.
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Had a great time at replay, it was an absolute pleasure and real highlight of the weekend to meet Craig & ED & a whole bunch of fellow Pandorians. Sorry the Ramsden Arms wasn't the greatest, the only thing I can say is that they didn't have a truly abysmal disco / karaoke the other time I was in there. Oh and sorry I wasn't too sociable on Sunday, partying 'til 3AM takes it out of a man of my age. :rolleyes:

Other personal highlights from Replay were :

Finding the Pandora table on Saturday afternoon after wandering around for an hour like a lost soul. I think Poke Paradox knows where I'm coming from with this one.

Getting the high score on Frogger on Sunday afternoon (12,660 which lasted just under an hour, or until someone else who'd played it before had a go).

All the Pinball.

Meeting Jeff Minter & Giles from Llamasoft, these guys are my video gaming software heroes.

Bring on Replay 2012 :D

I've attached a few pics, if anyone wants to have a look at a few more then have a look at this facebook album it should be viewable as it has been set to allow public access.





@Mr_Loon: thanks for the name badge! I shall keep mine for next year :)

How did ED's talk go, blumming annoying I missed that as well :-(

My son and I wondered around for a 3 hours before finding the Pandora table - I honestly thought you'd all given up and gone home already!
Finding the Pandora table on Saturday afternoon after wandering around for an hour like a lost soul. I think Poke Paradox knows where I'm coming from with this one.

Yeah... I was actually thinking that somehow it had been called off. I paced up and down the hall, the tournament hall looking for just one Pandora person... then I just sat down and played my Pandora and that's when Ian_J found me, haha
Wll leave the vdeo uplOadng, there was a lOt OF fOOtage but hOpe gOt acrOss the general sense Of chaOs fOr all whO were nOt there.


\Very good fun, very exhaustng, as always wsh 'd taken more footage.

And ths mac keyboard s just broken, t's as you see.
I'm looking forward to the video too, but not so much seeing myself on it :(

I'm hoping there is a full video of ED's talk as we only went Saturday.

If there is a meet up next year I'd recommend using our avatars on our badges too.
It should be live in the next 20mins - sorry if you're not featured, sound issues on many clips due to just how loud the whole thing was!