Arcade, Retro & Video Gaming Expo (Uk)


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Oct 29, 2009
Went to the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham NEC today. Picked up a leaflet for the Arcade, Retro & Video Gaming Expo, 6/7 November in Blackpool (

May be of interest to some here, and a chance to show off their Open Pandora
There should be lots of pandoras in peoples hands by then,so anythings possible.Im sure o.p will be looking to
show off the pandora at various events like this one.
x68000 said:
and it's in blackpool, so plenty drinking should be involved :lol:

you'll need plenty of drink inside you to keep warm in Blackpool in November. well most of the rest of the country might, dunno about you n Craig ;)
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I'll probably be the northerner in the t-shirt, -3 degs!

Craig can always wear that old hat of his to keep him warm :p
If anyone is going to this show, please keep an eye out for Oric-1/Oric Atmos hardware, and if anyone sees an Atmos Microdrive being sold, please buy it for me. That is all, thank you.

(Really need a microdrive, grrr....)