Nintendo 64 Emulator?

NatDuv said:

"Single-touch" screens like that on the Wiz can only simulate one button at a time. They're next to useless for emulation.
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blues2 said:
10 buttons, dpad, and a touchscreen button... how is that not enough buttons?
You can't just count every button on both controllers and say it works just because they have the same/almost same amount. There's an issue of comfort too. The N64 has quite a few buttons that you can press in the natural controller-holding position, and many button combos using these buttons are also possible and easy to perform. Let's call these "action buttons" There are about 8 action buttons on the N64 controller, because depending on the game, L or Z are either in reach or not in reach. On the Wiz, there's about 6. For most games, this is a problem. Try and map the N64 controls to the Wiz, then imagine playing any of your favorite games using those controls. How many wouldn't be completely awkward?
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I think Super Smash Brothers would be fine. You only need Left Right Jump Down Attack SpecialAttack and the Throw/Guard button. Left Right Jump and duck could be handled by the dpad.

Attack SpecialAttack and an Alternative Jump (I kinda have a feeling pressing up on the dpad might be a bit awkward to use) could be mapped to ABXY. Last but not least(a comma should be here) the throw/grab button and the taunt (if you want it) could be mapped to R and L.

Not all games need EVERY SINGLE button (comma) but then again some do and also some games' controls would feel naturally more comfortable on N64 then on Wiz. No matter how you map it.

So if ANY N64 emulation is possible at all on WIZ (which I don't have high hopes for)we would still be limited to certain games.

(This post deserves some commas but my comma button is too annoying to use)
You could maybe use the touchscreen for changing tools in Zelda as well, freeing up the XABY buttons for something else. If the emulator had very flexible input options you could probably figure out some rough solution for most games. The N64 pad always was a bit weird, even when you've got enough buttons it can be difficult to make the controls work unless you have the real pad plugged in.

I reckon it's all academic anyway, really, it's probably a bit much for the Caanoo to handle, and even if it does ever happen it will probably only be a few select games.
Monkey64 Source
This is the source of the old Monkey64 emulator for the PSP. I once tried to port, but never got out of the curve of the picture. I never understood what it was, but what works is yes.
nin64psp_origin - the original source from the PSP
nin64psp_sdl - something that I ported from them and can make
Video_Psp.c 55 line DrawFramebuffer - rendering the screen, as I understood it in the PSP used ARGB8888, but I have not tried to convert to RGB565 does not work.
In general, the emulator is a very old game and there are not at full speed, but in something like a simple little play as possible.
Ideally, it would certainly not bad port Daedalaus, but there are a lot of code in assembler, which I do not understand ...