Kickstarter Mupen64plus -> OUYA

Great so see some update here as well.

Thanks for your answers.

Any estimation when you'll do a release?
I'll do a release as soon as I get the video working (possibly this weekend).  It's hard to estimate how long it will take to solve bugs that are difficult to track down (I would have thought I'd have it figured out a week or two ago).  There are other things that are factoring into this as well.  The main items that are competing for my time right now are:

1) Solving the SDL video problem on the Open Pandora port

2) Maintaining updates on the Android port (I have three important bug-fixes that have high priority, solved one of them yesterday)

3) Ensuring progress is being made on the OUYA port (must be ready to publish 1 month from now)

4) Completing the Kickstarter rewards (need to finish painting the modified controllers, do a couple videos, and work on the Hacker's Guide to the N64 within the next couple months)
Too bad you didn't enter it into the dragon box competition it would have made things really interesting.

I think its already going to be hard to vote on the emulator category.

But looks like your making good progress. Thanks for your effort, the Pandora is in desperate need of a solid n64 emulator and your port for android is tops for sure.
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That would be sweet, being able to play 2 of the best fps of all time, perfect dark and goldeneye, cant wait.
It's a shame, but im going to assume he abandoned the pandora side of this project.  
No email address :( . And to lazy  to register in his board :p
Finally got in touch with him

direct quote from today

[SIZE=.7em](13:22:18)[/SIZE] Paul: No, sorry I actually haven't worked on it in a while. I've decided to rotate through my "project queue" weekly so that nothing sits on a back burner forever, so I should be getting back around to the Pandora port soon.
Thank you for asking him. So we will get a full week of dev work for the pandora. Nice :)
Not a clue, I feel like im bugging him when I hop on his irc for android to ask a question about the status of the pandora build